Saturday, April 19, 2008

What Are You Doing In Life?

*saja DIG back a photo i took back in January and upload it, super like it*
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I really wonder if the things that you and I are doing in life, at least for the moment, is really of our own choice?? Or simply because we have no choice?? Or perhaps you don't really care what you are doing as long as it looks or sounds good?

The "thing" I'm saying here is either study or work...

Frankly speaking, I didn't really get to choose what I wanted to study though but I'm glad that my parents gave me the opportunity to excel in engineering field and I did had a great great Uni Life and met a lot of good good friends which pretty much made my life so colourful. Without their support and guidance I wouldn't have made my way to Ireland for my Uni's Overseas Research Program under the Engineering Society. No doubt, I explored a whole new experience in life that time.

But is that what I really wanted? A definite no I guess. Engineering has never been my type of job and my kind of interest. At least not for the rest of my life though. My mom just talked to me about it just then "Why not you try?" How can she expect me to try something which I know I don't like and I have no interest at all? Well, at the end she gave up and gave me few other options which I kinda relieved what I heard about it. hehe..

Come to think about it, am I really wasting my years of studies in engineering by doing something else?

I really wonder if there's anyone who's in the same shoe as me? Didnt get to study what they wanted and after finishing studies, doing things that they don't like to do. Do we go for jobs that give us high pay?? Or do we go for jobs that give us satisfaction and that we enjoy doing them? What are you all doing out there?

To be continued... (Apart from working, what else are we doing in life?)


voch said...

Nice foto. and chill, go after yr dreams n interest. its a good thing after all :)

apek said...

Uni life is just a stepping stone to many other openings in life...some people hate studying engineering, but still end up technical engineers etc...some love it, but end up doing sumting else. Most importantly, each day in uni life is a day of well-learnt lownledge & memoriez for the future...and as pantat said, go aft ur dreams and interest: that's what your going to do 4 the rest of ur life!!

Anonymous said...

nick : bro...agree agree...standing side by side :P

andrew said...

thanks vic, jon, and nick!! =D hehe... i know what to do ge la.. things doesn't seem to look as simple as you may think it would be though... till then.. *cheerz* ya!! God bless