Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It's all about [endless]

.230108. (tribute to [endless]despair - 5 years has gone)

*from top cw: jenn, myself, anson, meng, bin, teongwee*

Most of my friends will know about 'endless' but for those who don't, it is one of the most important term in my life. In fact, 'endless' is my life. It is all my buddies' lives.

5 years ago, 23 January 2003, I've lost one of my closest buddy but I know that the heaven has gained one soul. He was [endless]despair, my dear buddy Teong Wee. This entry will be a special tribute to him as we don't really have a memorial to go to except to Port Klang's sea. I know that deep down in our hearts. endless's hearts, we still miss him alot. And he stays in my heart forever!

A glimpse of our good old days. Momentz that we had shared together. We cherish it together forever!

*remember those dayz?*

*when we were younger?*

*when all of us were together?*

*enjoying every seconds of our lives?*

*unseparable by all means*

*went to church together...*

*played as a team*

*achieving our dreamz in tribute for [endless]despair*

*those were the dayz*

My other closest buddies, this very page, i dedicate to all of you as well!

[endless]deceive - Anson
[endless]deceit - YeeMeng
[endless]deception - Scott
[endless]desire - JennHoel
[endless]devastation - ZhenBin
[endless]dread - myself


eunice said...

there's still a strong bond in [endless] until today :)

andrew said...

wahh! sobsss... of all ppl, i nvr thought you would leave a msg for me... even though you don't know who endless are... But to those words coming out from you is really meaningful!! thanks! *hugzz*