Wednesday, April 30, 2008

MDG Finale Part 2


Short-note: And so, "Fashion on 1" is actually a whole week event thingy till may 4th. Photographers!! Go shoot!! Chelsea vs Liverpool at 2.45am tomorrow morning.

And so, Mayz and I arrived at One-U about 6.15pm and we registered ourselves at the registeration booth as Nuffnang invitees. The crowd started to come in and the Oval LG platform was seperated into 2. One for the normal guest and the other, "not so normal" guest and also sponsors. Of course, I took along the Photographer tag which I pretty much did not do much without my sifu's tele lense.

Met a few "entertainment line" people there which I'm lazy to list out. Bloggers that was there: pinkpau, shaolintiger, kennysia (of course la, judge!), kinkybluefairy, mayzism (the one that won nuffnang mdg slogan contest of coz) and many more...

And so, there was this guy from "So you think you can dance", one of the finalist which I forgot his name came out to the stage and strut his stuffs to gear up the crowds. Then, came Elaine Daly (MC for the night), glittered the stage with her beautiful voice and dress and kicked start the event by inviting all the 12 finalist on stage.

Everyone started to applaud loudly, welcoming all the 12 finalist that had journeyed thus far. When the top 3, Hanis, Adeline and Cindy, came out, you can hear a distinctive chants and shouts from the crowds from LG all the way up to Level 3 balcony.

*arrival of guests and the gathering of crowds on the upper levels*

*beautiful, huge and lovely stage for FASHION ON 1 week*

*the guy i said from "so you think you can dance"*

*please vote for me!! thanks!*

*the gorgeous Elaine Daly, mc for the night*

*here are the 11 of the top 12 finalists coming back together for the finale*

*miss ringo (, (was asked by her bestie Ee Ching to upload her photo)*

*malaysian singer vs germany percussion*

*kennysia caught playing around with someone's undie*

The event went on with 3 rounds of Fashion Shows by the 12 finalist themselves featuring some of the best designers we have. And the winner will walk away with:
a Nissan Latio 1.8Ti (A),
RM10,000 preloaded AmBank NexG PrePaid MasterCard,
RM3,000 Wella Professionals hamper,
RM1,000 worth of Escada fragrances,
RM1,000 worth of Bebe apparel,
RM500 worth in Nose footwear,
featured in NewMan cover spread

That's all for now... More photos tomorrow. Looking forward again to tonight's match between Chelsea and Liverpool. Man Utd through already!! haha

Man Utd In The Finals!!


It's all up to Chelsea and Liverpool as to who will be joining Manchester United in the all-English European Champions League Finals for the first time in the history of the competition!!

It was Man Utd who came through at the end of a pulsating 2nd leg semi final clash against Barcelona at Old Trafford thanks to a stunning unstoppable strike from Paul Scholes in the first half.

Messi played very well but just not good enough to break the red devil's defence with Ferdinand and Brown both performing extremely well. Sorry Barca, there's always next season though.


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Malaysian Dreamgirl Finale @ One Utama


Short-note: Just came back from MDG Season 1 Finale @ One-U. Met alot of other bloggers. Thanks to Mayz, we both went as Nuffnang invitees for winning the MDG slogan contest. 800 photos to deal with so sleep first luuu....

Most of you would have know who the winner is by now though. Anyway, will only gonna post up my photos and reviews about MDG Finale tomorrow. Looking forward to Man Utd and Barcelona's match later at 2.45am.

*was wondering if I'm getting this pass for this Saturday's Fashion Shoot in One-U*

*a glimpse before the event started*

*a glimpse of the after-event crowd stayed behind*

I was wondering if the stage is actually for "Fashion On 1" this coming Saturday as my sifu will be bringing me along for photoshoot event. Anyway, MDG Finale did ended with a "blast", I think most of you guyz and gurlz out there are CRAZY over the results though. Haha.. Cheerz, good night and God bless.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Hillsong United Live In KL!!


*poster from*

Wooooot~ Hey guyz and gurlz!! Check this out!! There are coming to town and let us come together as one on the appointed date (28th May 2008) and WORSHIP THE LORD!!

*promo from*

Please be informed that concert passes will be available at the following centres:

1. KL - Ps. Michael & Ps. Lisa
2. PJ - Gwen (GTPJ)
3. Ipoh - 03-3134511 Contact person: Ai Lean or Samuel (Church of Praise)
4. Klang - Ps. Gideon, GT Klang
5. Malacca - Jason Leong, 0165297862 (City Community Church)

For further information you may call 012 3879938 or check out this blog at Hillsong United live in Malaysia

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cat and Dog Theology Part 2


For those who missed out the part 1, Cat and Dog Theology is actually based on an old joke about the differences between cat and dogthat conveys their differences perfectly. A dog says "You pet me, you feed me, you shelter me and you love me, you must be God." while a cat would say "You pet me, you feed me, you shelter me and you love me, I must be God..."

In a cat perspective, they are into Christianity for themselves. If there's someone or something that could give them a better life, they would seriously consider it. Why? Because their focus is not on God but on themselves. Cats are into it far more for more what they can get out of it than for the opportunity to radiate God's glory and to advance God's kingdom. Dog says "No, It's all about God's glory"

Although there is only one way to heaven, there can be different reasons of wanting to get there.

For Cats, they see the option of hell and they want to run away from it. Cats are moving towards heaven but they are walking backward, focused on hell. A cat says "I don't want to go to hell" Their focus is on themselves, only their lives. Although it's not a bad start but it falls far short of what a dog wants.

Dogs want to go to heaven for different reasons. Dogs are also moving away from hell and towards heaven, but they walk forward. Hell is behind and heaven is in front. A Dog says "I've found Someone not only beautiful, but He is beauty. I found Someone not only powerful, but He is Almighty. I found Someone not only loving, but He is Love. I got to give my LIFE TO HIM"

A Dog's salvation is described in Matthew 13:44 The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again,and then in his in his joy went and sod all he had and bought that field." The man had found a treasure that was of great worth than all the other things he possessed. He joyfully relinquished all of his other possessed to obtain this one great treasure!!

*taken from*

Why are so many Christian joyless? Because their salvation is basically fire insurance. They are merely walking away from hell, focused on themselves. they have never discovered the treasure. When your just walking away from hell,there is relief, but no joy. Dogs demonstrate their salvation by the fact that they hunger for God and want more and more of him in their livesand shine to their lives.

This is just a continuation of part 1 actually... haha.. Part 2 tomorrow.. Previous post click here ...

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Move Forward!!


Suppose to post about Cat and Dog Theology Part 2 i did in my cell group yesterday night, but due to my bad flu and cough, better write a short one... *cough cough* *sneezeeee* sighhh...~

I believe that what's done is done and not let the past ruin our future. Whatever mistakes or failures me might have made or faced are just part and parcel of life. Things in the past are meant to mould us to create a better future; to be a better person and improve on our weaknesses, and not to be kept in the heart blaming ourselves and do nothing about it.

*move forward!! swift, smooth, fast and smart, forget the past*

Like my 'endless' buddies always say "jou yan yiu hiong chin hon" which means "we must always look forward and move ahead in life"!! Agree??

Time waits for no man and we must really cherish the moments we have or we'll be sorry when it's too late. "too late to apologise..."

Friday, April 25, 2008

Tears vs Raindrops


Tears are like raindrops. The darker the clouds, the heavier the rain will be. It reflects our tears in a sense the deeper our sadness and sorrows may be, the greater our tears flow from our eyes. But always look at the brighter side of life, for everything does happen for a reason and the more positive we look at things, the more cheerful we will be!

*think positive and be cheerful always!*

Don't mess up your life just because you lose something which you think is close to your heart for God has a better plan for you! =) Don't be so stressed up when things seem to go haywire for you need to be calm in handling things... Don't feel sad at times when you are alone for God is always there beside you... Here's another nice poem ya...

To make our lives more meaningful,
It takes a cheerful heart,
and loving life and living it,
each day as a brand new start.

It takes a positive attitude
when trials come our way...
and having the strength to carry on
and taking the time to pray.

Life is what we make it,
for the time that we are here...
so start each day with a cheerful heart
and see miracles appear.
- Jill Lemming

Till then, cheerz everyone!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Peace Like A River


What do we mean when we say peace like a river? Hrmm.. pretty tricky question though. How many of us really understands what peace like a river is? Anyone has any answer to it?

Well, I'm pretty sure most of us go through ups and downs in life pretty often and when things doesn't seem to go they way we want it to be, we will therefore fall into devil's trap!! Doing things then we should not do and just waste our lives like that...

*photo taken during Chiling Waterfall Trek in February*

It is only when we submit our brokenness to the good and great Shepherd of our hearts can we find the peace that allows us to respond to life: "Why are you cast down, O my soul? And why are you disqueited within me? Hope in God, for I shall yet praise Him for the help of His countenance."

Here's a lovely poem from scottishwarriors:-

My peace is like a river
Winding slowly to the sea
My heart is deeper than the ocean
Filled with love He gave to me

Oh love that knows no end
Rise up and set me free
I shall sail forever on this ocean
Forever, ever closer unto thee

God bless and have a good day!

(Still down with fever and flu, gotta sleep... nitez...)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Still Sick...


Down with fever, flu and sorethroat. Another short post just before I go to bed ya.

Last Sunday (20/04/08), I just completed a 3-day worship training conducted by Ps Lee Choo and am now officially part of the Atone Worship Ministry of SIBKL. Praise God for guiding me through and am looking forward to grow in and through Him.

Graduation from the 3 day orientation and was presented this beautiful certificate of welcoming by Ps Lee Choo, bearing a wonderful song lyrics entitled "Audience of One".

*it is a privilege to serve the Kingdom of God*

*thanks Atone Worship Ministry for giving me an opportunity to serve*

Dramatic Finish!!

.230408. Liverpool vs Chelsea (European Champions League Semi Finals 1st Leg)

Both teams played moderately well, but Liverpool was a little ahead especially coming into the 2nd half. Dirk Kuyt put Liverpool ahead just before half time after a scrappy defense from Chelsea.

Liverpool 1 Chelsea 0

It looked as if the lead was going to stay that way till end and Liverpool will have the advantage when they visit Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in 8 days. But just few seconds before the referee blow the final whistle, COULD YOU BELIEVE IT???


John Arne Riise scored a DRAMATIC, STUNNING, FANTASTIC OWN GOAL!! I'm pretty sure those who left their TV screen earlier will get a shock when they read the news tomorrow. Poor Liverpool! Very lucky Chelsea!!

Liverpool 1 Chelsea 1

And now, they have to complete a mission which they have NEVER SUCCEEDED BEFORE (under Rafael Benitez), which is to score in Stamford Bridge a week later for the return leg of the semi finals.

What do you have to say about it? Who's gonna win?? haha

Tuesday, April 22, 2008



Am not feeling well right now. Therefore, just gonna share something short.

Today smashpop send me a very cute video on my phone. It's called Mario Paint. I'm not sure if you all have heard about it before but I believe it's a music composing program and it's really cute coz of the mario characters and stuffs.

Anyway, just to share a few nicely composed music of various popular tunes that you should or might have listened to it before.

*i'm pretty sure you all will know tis tune (oh when the saints)*

*this one, famous worldwide game (tetris theme)*

*this one super classic, childhood superhero show (power rangers)*

Till then, will continue about Earth Day which is supposingly today when I get well tomorrow. Hopefully...

Blessed Birthday Dearie Sis!!


Just wanna wish you a blessed birthday!! Blessed years ahead of you!!
*celebrating your 21st @ oldtown kopitiam*

Monday, April 21, 2008

Save the Earth?

.210408. Continuation...

Sunway Freeze event just passed but it really struck me though what joyce and zewt mentioned at her blog and to me respectively. No doubt, it was an event with noble intention and proper method, but how well did the message really reached to the public. Or even better, how well did it actually reached to the minds of each and every participant?

Did they just go for the sake of posing for 4 minutes, shout hooray and walk off? Or did some of us went just because our friends invited to? Or do we think it's just plain cool to freeze in the shopping mall when everyone else looking at you? Perhaps, it could have been a mixture of them but still the utmost important value and purpose that we should have carried with us was the message of saving earth by conserving energy and power. It is suppose to be an freeze event where we carry message that will reach out to on lookers and passerbys.

Did the freeze event managed to achieve public awareness among the society? Did we manage to tell people how we can save earth by conserving and saving power? Or did we only successfully be part of this so called glamourous event? I really don't have the right or wrong answer. I'll leave that to you to judge.

But I do hope those who participated in both Pavillion and Sunway Freeze got the message that I think the organiser is trying to convey!! Anywayz, as mentioned who else was there with me...?

*voch, jiok, smashpop, myself*

*aiyoman, jean, myself*

Really looking forward for the next public awareness event that will bring more people together to reach out to the society with the right thinking and attitude. Save the Earth! Have a good week and God bless

Sunday, April 20, 2008

"World Earth Day" FREEZE @ Sunway Pyramid


In conjuction with "World Earth Day", randomalphabets together with organised a Freeze Event in Sunway Pyramid today. Thanks to mayz who reminded me about it yet she didn't turn up! And thanks smashpop! for giving me da details and of coz taking a photo together!! haha..

It was about 7.30 when plenty of enthusiasists came in their green clothes as mentioned in the random alphabet website. We were given a paper note of instruction as to where the check point was and what to do then. And of course, those who went for KL Freeze @ Pavillion about a week ago will know what to do and what to expect.

*participants gathering near the skating rink*

*paper note for instructions*

So, my friends and I gathered with a few familiar faces and friends in front of Many shoppers looked at us puzzled and wondered why this whole bunch of people suddenly flood the lower ground floor of the new wing. In fact, there was a couple that bumped to me and asked "what's happening here?" and I replied them "freeze event" and so on...
Some of the people were already preparing for their desired pose and suddenly came a counting down to 8pm...

*freeze for world earth day!!*

*semangat people posing with their personal msg to passerbys*

AND SO IT GOES.... 5....4....3....2...... 1!! *crak!!* all jadi batu d... STONED!

*chung sik, jean and I*

*save the earth la, lagi wanna waste paper!!*

*save the pokoks, dun waste papers!!*

And so, the freeze went on for the next 4 minutes.. Many passerbys and even shop workers gathered around to look what's happening. All *question marks* on their faces!! haha.. There was a couple in front of me that suddenly said,
"why all this people suddenly stop moving one, let's go away" and they hurried off!! Qutie funny though.

*puzzled people*

*more puzzled people*


*here's a video of the World Earth Day Freeze event @ Sunway Pyramid*

*courtesy of victor a.k.a voch*

Up Next: Who else was there....

Saturday, April 19, 2008

What Are You Doing In Life?

*saja DIG back a photo i took back in January and upload it, super like it*
*ahemm...* anyway, back to today's post...


short-note: In conjunction with "World Earth Day" - Sunway Pyramid FREEZE tomorrow @ 8pm. See you there!!

I really wonder if the things that you and I are doing in life, at least for the moment, is really of our own choice?? Or simply because we have no choice?? Or perhaps you don't really care what you are doing as long as it looks or sounds good?

The "thing" I'm saying here is either study or work...

Frankly speaking, I didn't really get to choose what I wanted to study though but I'm glad that my parents gave me the opportunity to excel in engineering field and I did had a great great Uni Life and met a lot of good good friends which pretty much made my life so colourful. Without their support and guidance I wouldn't have made my way to Ireland for my Uni's Overseas Research Program under the Engineering Society. No doubt, I explored a whole new experience in life that time.

But is that what I really wanted? A definite no I guess. Engineering has never been my type of job and my kind of interest. At least not for the rest of my life though. My mom just talked to me about it just then "Why not you try?" How can she expect me to try something which I know I don't like and I have no interest at all? Well, at the end she gave up and gave me few other options which I kinda relieved what I heard about it. hehe..

Come to think about it, am I really wasting my years of studies in engineering by doing something else?

I really wonder if there's anyone who's in the same shoe as me? Didnt get to study what they wanted and after finishing studies, doing things that they don't like to do. Do we go for jobs that give us high pay?? Or do we go for jobs that give us satisfaction and that we enjoy doing them? What are you all doing out there?

To be continued... (Apart from working, what else are we doing in life?)

Friday, April 18, 2008

Young Adult Night in SIBKL


YA Nite is a bi-monthly gathering of all the YA Cells' members in church. Yesterday was my first experience though in YA Nite and the fellowship was good and the topic for the night was even better "The Politics of Jesus."

*question marks???*

Main focus is not politics yah.. but on Jesus. Haha.. Ps Lee Choo did the Word and Ps Chew has to deal with all the questions. It was indeed a great night of sharing opinions and thoughts about what is really happening in our world today. To be more specific, in our country, Malaysia.

It was a great discussion though as we have people from different professions giving different opinions and thoughts from different perspective of life with different meanings and understandings. I really admire the 2 lawyers we had that gave some really brain-cracking comments.

People like me who just started to care much about our country, nation and politics did learn alot yesterday. Ps Lee Choo pointed 3 questions to us:

1) Why should we be interested in our land/nation?
2) What has Jesus got to do with politics?
3) What should be our response?

I'll just leave these questions for you all to think about. If you want a better understanding, can join me in the next YA Nite in July. Anyone and everyone are welcome! =D

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Back to Ferrari Collection...


Just when I thought my Ferrari Collection completed back then (click here to view) I got to know about this yellow Enzo Ferrari with the 2 speed acceleration in Shell Stations. So I went to check about it on shell's website.

Rupa-rupanyer I haven't completed my collection. I actually read about an article in The Star papers quoting this dunno 7 or 9 year old kid actually has 2 sets each of last years and this years' collection model. A total of 28 model cars and he said "I want to collect more..."

I was wondering why he got that yellow model which I don't recall I seen it anywhere at the Shell stations. The special edition model car is actually given for free when you purchased a Shell Helix Oil and YOU HAVE TO BUY ANOTHER MODEL CAR before you get the yellow Enzo for free... Sweat kan??

Anyway, finally got the special edition yellow Enzo Ferrari model into my collection and exchanged the Collector's Garage with 6000 bonuslink points to make my collection complete.

*collector's garage 2008*

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Defining Moment


Today as I turned the pages of my daily devotional book, I came into a very meaningful passage and words that encouraged me alot and I thought I would love to share them.

About a year ago, many were stunned by a shooting rampage that left 32 victims dead o the campus ofVirginia Tech University. In the aftermath, the mother of one critically wounded student who survied said she did not want the ordeal to becoe the defining moment in her son's life. Instead, she hoped it could be "something positive, some great celebration in life."

And you wonder why..?

When something unimaginable happens, it may seem impossible to believe that anything can overcome the emotional scars. Yet, the life of Joseph, offers a powerful illustration of God's transforming power (Gen 37-50).

The brothers who sold him into slavery were sure he would take recenge on them. But Joseph told them "You meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, in order to bing it about as it is this day, to save many people alive" (Gen 50:20)

When we place our desire for revenge in God's hands, we become participants in the remarkable process described by Paul: "Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good" (Roman 12:21)

And here's what I like...

The defining moments of our lives are not determinted by the evil done to us, but by our response through the grace and power of God. - David McCasland.

When rough the path from day to day,
When sorrows fill our eyes with tears,
Our choice to find our hope in Christ,
Can lift our soul and calm our fears. - D. De Haan-

Have a good day and week ahead

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"chik chak"


I'm not quite sure if its okay to take photos in 'such' a place but somehow I just took it. I thought it was pretty okay so *chik chak*, i took without hesitation.

*here's a B&W moment*

*found this lovely lady bird on my popo's tombstone*

*i dunno why but i just love that pokok there, its just pretty*

Monday, April 14, 2008

Makan Makan in Ipoh

.120408. Xin Quan Fang Restaurant / Coffee Shop

If you are travelling up North to Ipoh you cannot miss this makan spot!! (If you miss it, do try it the next time you visit Ipoh k?) Famous for its Curry Mee. Even Hong Kong film star Chow Yuen Fatt has tasted it. Have you???

Last Saturday, surprisingly.... I followed my parents "back" to Ipoh for "ching ming" season.. It's been a long long while since I've been back there. Went to clean and tidy up my grandma and grandpa's grave.

Anywayz, no doubt, all of us do agree that Ipoh is definitely one of the main food paradise in Malaysia. At least I'm quite sure we can food lotsa good food in Ipoh!! And you gotta believe me, this curry noodle shop is a MUST TRY in Ipoh! In fact, many Hong Kong filmstars that came to Ipoh have tried it already!!

I'm not bias or what but the curry here is simply FANTEXCELLENT!! (fantastic + excellent). Although I have to say that the owner is my relative though. I've been eating here every single visit with my family and when I was little, we used to have a "VIP" table at the kitchen there.. haha.. so that we don't kacau other customers..

*super chun curry noodle shop (also got dry curry and plain soup la)*

*mini bowl with special curry gravy for the side dish*

*non-halal side dish to go with the curry noodle (yummy!!)*

*not forgetting Ipoh Famous Bean Sprout*

*main star curry mee hoon + mee*

*when all join together become one delicious yummy meal*

*my relatives busy cookin*

By the way, best time go makan is between 9am - 11am coz by 12++ pm, start to tutup kedai. Curry also habis already...


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Pure Life Orphanage Visit #3


It was supposingly Goshen's final visit to Pure Life though before we actually pass our baton to the next cell that is going to continue our reaching out activity to the less fortunate kids. Unfortunately, the other adult cell couldn't joined us today coz of some last minute arrangements. Anyway, I was late that night though thanks to a super last minute car break down back at home. *sighhh*~

I did not give up. Though I was a little late, I quickly get my car done with the help of Auto Assist from my insurance company and then drove my dad's car off to the Orphanage Centre. All the kids and of coz my lovely cell members applaud when I arrive. hahaha.. They were happy indeed to see me though I was late. Everyone was asking if my car ok anot. swttzzzz...

Anyway, that night we had some sharings about our personal walk of life and the kids was so attracted to our story that they kept 100% focus on our sharings. All of us came from different backgrounds and I understand that the kids, all of them, come from really tough background. Yet, the perseverance and commitment that they have towards their own life sparked my thought and I said to myself "Am I taking my life a little for granted?"

*Chris's first visit there and showing some tricks*

*Mel's first visit as well and clicked well with the kids*

*my cell leader wrapping up the night with a "kite" story*

My cell leader shared that there were once a beautiful kite, belonging to these 2 kids. The kite was the most beautiful of all among others up in the sky. And the kite said "I wish I could get off the string that is holding me back so that I could go further and see more things and be as free as the bird." One day there came a heavy rain with a strong wind. The string holding the kite broken and the kite flew off happily higher and higher. Just as the kite thought he was free joyfully, it suddenly fell downwards and landed on a tree. Birds came and tore the kite apart and use its body to build nest. The kids then came looking for the kite and found it on top of a tree and they said to the kite. I had a string to hold u back is because I don't want you to fall yourself helplessly. All I wanted was to keep you flying as high and as beautiful as you can be. I want the best for you.

Sometimes we ponder, there could be someone that is always guiding us as we grow up. We may think negatively and that the someone always hold us back. But our loved ones only want the best for us!! And I think this applies to all parents and even guardians. Time to think twice and love your family more ya!