Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Are You Ready For PC Fair?

.307008. Live Blogging From Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre...

It's already 10pm ++ and I'm still sitting here by the convention centre's service counter while the contractors are busy building up the special design booths for the upcoming PC Fair! Am waiting for 11pm and I can leave for home and since I have time I thought of a live blogging again!! hehehe...

Good news to IT Gadgets Freaks, PC Fair is happening this Friday till Sunday from 10.15am - 9.00pm. Prepare yourself to be stunned by the Hi-Teched gigantically built booths. There will also be one double deck booth located at the ballroom. Ain't gonna tell you what company are those. Come this Friday to find our yourself and carry home some stuffs since its Megasale Season! Am gonna get myself a 500G external hard disk for about, say rm250?? Weee..

So, are you ready for PC Fair?

*taken from an open area at level 3 in convention centre*

*saw alot of these species around today even in the halls*

*there's just too many of them roaming everywhere*

*setting up of the booths, ooopss!! sorry bout the PF, its PC FAIR!*

Short-Note: Anyone going for MYFM 10th year anniversary at genting highlands next month??

Monday, July 28, 2008

Chelsea Stars In Action

.280708. Chelsea Official Training Session @ Shah Alam Stadium

Am not a fan of Chelsea but a fan of football and also a few England players in Chelsea. Namely, John Terry and Frank Lampard. But of course, I also do admire the world class saves of Peter Cech. Anyway, thanks Robb and Nuffnang for the invited admission pass! Thanks Sandrapixie for pinjaming me her 80-200lens with Nikon D100 for zoomed photos! LOL

Was with Victor, Kenny and 2 other friends. Saw Jane, Steph and their friend as well as Karena and her friend.

*probably once in a lifetime thingy*

*notice me not in chelsea jersey but wearing a Lampard England jersey*

*then i met her!! who else but the brilliant malaysian idol jac*

*ini dia another digi army recruit*

*2 self claimed princesses.. LOL*

*BigPhil giving instructions after their warm up*

*4 of the star studded Chelsea that came to Malaysia*

*training begins and action breaks away*

Malaysia Selection vs Chelsea live in Stadium Shah Alam tomorrow @ 8.45pm!! Who is going to win??? *support your local team* ok??? LOL

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mayz Birthday Dinner

.280708. Mayz Birthday Dinner @ Sushi Zanmai, The Gardens

Short-Note: Chelsea Official Training tomorrow @ Shah Alam Stadium, 6.30pm. See you there!

Happy birthday to Mayz again! LOL... Just last week, 21st of July, I was with Chingy in The Gardens queing up for SATC movie screening passes. (but then tak dapat la) haha.. Then we went to Sushi Zanmai to have a simple dinner with ShinLu, Corinna and Mayz (birthday girl). It was my first time in that restaurant though and the food there is quite nice. Nontheless I'm still a strong supporter of Sushi King though! hehe..

*happy birthday mayszin!*

*ordered this yummy bowl of beef rice*

Didn't get to snap alot of photos though coz didnt bring my camera. All photos was taken using Mayz' Canon Ixus. hehe... Kena marah somemore for starving those girls with my slow motion photo taking. Haha.. In the end, all not nice. LOL.... Anyway, we had a great time there with some girls chat. Being the only guy there I was kinda like.. okay... whatever... haha.. But we have been friends for about 10 years by now! *cheerz* to that! =D

Cell Gathering Dinner

.260708. Goshen Cell Gathering Dinner @ 6-10 Grill & Nasi Lemak, Section 17 PJ

Just came home from a short 'yumcha' session with Tim, Joanne, SunSun and SukYee. Happy birthday again to Sun! LOL...

Anyway, had a really enjoyable dinner at 6-10 Grill & Nasi Lemak with my cell members continued with a super funny Mafia session at SaiKit's house! I guess now we know who is the pro deceiver though!! Dinner was supposed to be in My Elephant (Thai food) again but due to some miscommunication with the reservation made with the staffs there, we weren't able to have our dinner and that was why we ended up at 6-10. Bad first time impression of them to my cell members though, but nontheless we had a fair time of jokes and chats during the dinner.

Red Wine Grill Lamb and Nasi Lemak stole the lime light though but my Garlic Butter Grill Salmon was also simply fantastic!! 6-10 has a quite a good long history with their ever well known Nasi Lemak and Western food. After dinner, 13 of us crashed into our cell leader's house to play the MAFIA game and we had a great time there.

*good place for nasi lemak and western food*

*yummy grill salmon!!! damn hungry lo...*

Anyone going for Chelsea Official Training session in Shah Alam Stadium on Monday evening??? *see you there*

Short-Note: KL PC Fair is happenig next week from 1-3 August!! See you there too!! LOL.. Passion World Tour is also happening on Sunday at Sunway Convention Centre!! =D

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sexciting Day

.250708. Sex Under The City @ SIBKL then Sex And The City @ One Utama

It's now 3am in the morning and yes, I just got home from a pretty sexy night just today. After running through my busyness in office today thanks to the upcoming PC Fair next week (1-3 August), I left office for home at about 6.10pm. Was irratated by the finger print signing in and out system. Perhaps, it was just me that have problem with the finger print identification. LOL...

I was the back up singer for Osbert in tonight's COUZ Night in church and a good 200+ people from various churches came together to hear our one and only SEXCELLENT speaker who is also a sexpert, Pastor Victor Wong, talk about the topic premarital sex. The theme for tonight was so happen to be "sex under the city". After the service ended about 11.15pm, I made my way to One Utama to catch a midnight movie, "sex and the city". LOL... That is way I said I had a sexciting night just now!! haha

*sudah watch?? if not fast fast lo!!*

Passion World Tour Tickets GIVEAWAY!!

*lets go watch Chris Tomlin!!*

Is there anyone out there that wants to go for Passion World Tour in Sunway Convention Centre on the 3rd of August 2008 but did not manage to purchase a ticket yet??

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Beat The System

.240708. Vote for "BEAT THE SYSTEM" band!!

Had a pretty busy work in office today though as KL and JB PC Fair is approaching soon. Specifically, next weekend. Just then, I was in church for some media and program manager training till about 9+ and came home.

Was invited by my friend today to myFM 10th Anniversary @ Genting next month. I'm expected to shoot and blog about it with an all access pass coming along the way! weee... too bad smashpop nor shaolintiger can join me due to their busy schedules.

Anyway, here's today's main topic!! My friend Lenard is currently with a band called beat the system. They will be at discovery stage @ Cineleisure on the 2nd of August! I'm telling you that they are a bunch of really cool musicians!! =D

There’s an online portion to the competition and the band with the highest number of votes online will be crowned winner. So yes, beat the system needs you!! If you havent heard any of their tracks yet, you can search them on facebook at “beathesystem” or just go to to hear our songs. here’s the link for voting

*what are you waitin?? VOTE FOR BEAT THE SYSTEM!*

That's all for now. Another long day tomorrow at work. Time to sleep luu... Nites everybody!! =D

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Live Blogging at Steven's Corner

.230708. Live Blogging from Pandan Indah Steven's Corner!

What a super long day today. Work from 9am - 7pm then dinner with dad at The Steamboat, Desa Parkcity from 7pm - 8pm then went for worship practise at SIBKL church from 8pm - 10.30pm then NOW am at Steven's Corner with some mysterious people. LOL!! Okay okay.. That's all for now!! Updates laters!!

*photo taken by my kawan!! LOL*

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

One is not enough


Kinda tired and sleepy today. Just came home from my usual Tuesday badminton routine with ShaolinTiger, Nicho and a few more friends. Dunno why but just simply tired and sleepy so am going to sleep soon instead of posting up any photos or updates on Hennessy Artistry nor Sushi Zanmai nor etc...

Just a simple photo to share that I took during Hennessy. There were 4 different free flow of alchoholic that night and this is one of them. I'm not so sure if it's called Hennessy Miami though but it's good! lol...

*free flow ma, so one is never enough lo!!*

Sneak peak for Hennessy. Am looking forward to my job next week though. PC FAIR IS COMING TO TOWN!! In fact, there will also be PC Fair happening up North and down South! PIKOM PC FAIR happening 1st - 3rd August 2008! Be prepared!

Monday, July 21, 2008

MIJF 2008

.15-20 July 2008. Malaysia International Jewellery Fair @ KLCC Hall 4 & 5

Just came back from a simple dinner with MaySzin, ShinLu, Corinna and EeChing @ Sushi Zanmai, The Gardens. First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MAYZ!! Wishing you a blessed birthday and many colourful years ahead!!

I basically spent the whole of my last week (6days) in KL Convention Centre for work purpose. It was my first time handling an exhibition in KLCC though after my first project was done in PWTC. Although my job may sound a little tiring or boring, but I did enjoy myself the whole week there getting to learn alot of protocols, human behaviour and also getting to know more people. Yesterday I stayed back till about 2.45am for the handover of the hall back to KLCC management and reached home and slept about 3.30am. (So, today work halfday only lo)

Am looking forward to my next project which will be KL PC Fair II @ KLCC. A total of 8 halls will be used and I'm sure it will be one of the busiest project that I'm going to handle.

Here's some snapshots if you've missed the Jewellery Fair...

*my one week of working place*

*free massage for VIPS only*

*like i mentioned above.. LOL*

*response was quite good despite of the current economy*

*free jewellery cleaning provided*

*damn cute lo this piece of artwork*

*do you have one??*

*this is one of the many fine jades showcased*

*classy watch by OMEGA*

*this goods came all the way from china*

*this one is from Sri Lanka*

That's all from MIJF 2008. Sex and the City special screening by Star tomorrow at GSC Signature (The Gardens). Will update on Hennessy Artistry soon. Time to go watch some movies that I just bought!! Kung Fu hip hop or 21 leh?? Nitez..

Midnight'ing at KLCC

.210708. MIJF 08 Teardown @ KLCC Hall 4&5

It's now 1.15am and I'm live blogging from Hall 4&5 of KL Convention Centre. Pico staffs is currently loading up all the stuffs into the lorries and am waiting patiently and restlessly for them to clear up the entire hall so that I can proceed on to "handover" the hall back to KLCC management. That's the kind of job that I'm doing now though. Kinda interesting, challenging, tiring but fun! At least, to me. As long as you enjoy doing something or try making yourself enjoy it, anything would be fine! =D LOL...

Updates updates soon soon!! Nites people!! Have a blessed week ahead!! Malaysia International Jewellery Fair over already and I'm waiting for my next project which will be Pikom PC Fair at KL Convention Centre as well!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Art Of Mixing

.190708. Hennessy Artistry @ Bukit Kiara Indoor Arena

Just came home from Hennessy Artistry. Super cool settings and fantastic atmosphere in the indoor arena. Met lots of friends there, expected and unexpected. LOL..

**please dun stop the music!!*

Last day of International Jewellery Fair on the way and time to get some sleep.

Updates later!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Hennessy Artistry

.180708. Hennessy Artistry @ Bukit Kiara Indoor Arena, 19 July 2008

Short-Note: Will you be in Hennesy Artistry tomorrow?? Hope to see you there!! LOL

*hennessy artistry happening tomorrow!! see ya there!!*

Have you ever heard about Hennesy Artistry before? Bet you did!! Well, if you have not, it's ok coz I just got to know about it not long ago as well! Anyway, it's an ultimate music party with some really cool artist from all over! In tomorrow's case, Flo Rida, Machi, DJ Latin Prince, Pop Shuvit and VJ Callen will be smashing the party at Bukit Kiara Indoor Arena. Will you be there?? Have you RSVP already??

To those who is going tomorrow!! Let's have fun and party like a rockstar!! LOL... I bet it's gonna be a super happening night tomorrow at the arena. Once again, credit to Nuffnang and of course thanks Steph for inviting me to the party tomorrow!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Malaysia International Jewellery Fair 08

.170708. MIJF @ Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (Hall 4 & 5)

Tak update blog semalam coz kat KLCC whole day then pigi watch DARK KNIGHT @ One Utama, 12.30am show till 3am ++. Barely slept. LOL... But it was a movie worth staying up late though!! 9.5/10 !! Go watch go watch!!

Yeay!! It's today!! I'm live blogging in KLCC Hall 4 & 5 (10.15am) as the Malaysia International Jewellery Fair kicks off today. In fact, is a matter of anytime SOOONN... YABhg Her Majesty Raja Permaisuri Agong will be officiating in what it's claimed to be the largest Jewellery Fair?? I don't know how true it is but correct me if I'm wrong to those jewels freaks out there.. LOL...

Many companies from overseas is here to display their finest artwork in jewelleries, diamonds, gems and many more preciousssss...... I mean, girl's best friendS!! hahaha... One more thing, there's gonna be lotsa leng luis and perhaps some leng chais here too... So do come over if you are around in KLCC. This fair will end only on Sunday, so plenty of time left...

Here's some of the not so good pix from me, from KLCC that I just took moments ago with my phone...

*mari mari to the jewellery fair*

*staffs from noble gem setting up their booth*

*this one geng!! just in front of the main stage*

*jowissa watches all the way from "there"*

*ruby sponsors - osim showing off their stuff!! (behind is PICO site office)*

Anyone around KLCC this week?? Come find me makan lunch k?? hehe...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


.150708. Live Blogging From KLCC

Another 35 minutes to 6pm and I'm anticipating very much to leave Hall 4 & 5 of Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. LOL... Today was the setting up for Malaysia International Jewellery Fair kicking of this Thursday here. Done pretty much nothing the whole ay here except checking the arrangements of furnitures and fascia names at the exhibition booths.

Had lunch @ Sakae Sushi, KLCC with bro ZhenBin who walked all the way from Citibank!! Pai seh la.. Thanks for the treat though!! =D Owe you one big meal at the end of the month!! haha.. Think what you wanto whack me when i get my first paycheck la.. ROFL... =D

Tomorrow will be another long day as the exhibitors across the country and overseas coming in to set up their respective booths. Am looking forward to tonight's badminton session with Nic and ShaolinTiger. Anyone wanna join?? hehe..

Monday, July 14, 2008

Family Thai Dinner

.130708. Thai Dinner @ My Elephant

Like I mentioned yesterday, was with my family @ My Elephant Restaurant in PJ, Section 17. Thanks to Rachel who made the reservation for me, got my table at about 8.10pm. The crowd was crazy and there's still people waiting even till 8.45pm.

Anyway, ordered some of the same dish as before but the signature Snow Fish was already sold out. Abit sad loo... But got another good replacement though.

Here's the menu...

*here are my family members, eldest sis in Singapore though!!*

*ordered this specially for my grandma coz she couldnt makan pedas, delicious tho*

*my personal favourite dish there!!*

*my sis love this dish!! in fact, it was really really sedap lo*

*applause for this fine fried squid!! grandma loved it tho*

*only my dad managed to finish his bowl of SUPER SPICY TOM YUM SEAFOOD SOUP*

*this one my sis favourite again!! basically anything to do with prawns*

*tada!! presenting you with the dish of the night!!*

My next trip to this restaurant will be in a week or 2 time with my church's cell members!! =D hahaa... I'm so lovin it!!

Short-Note: Will be in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) tomorrow onwards till Sunday!! Anyone nearby call me for lunch k?? LOL!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

V for Vision


Short-Note: There will be a Health related exhibition tomorrow at KLCC hall 1 and 2 and also International Beauty Expo at hall 4 and 5. I'll be handling an upcoming International JEWELLERY Fair @ KLCC this coming Thursday to Sunday. See ya there!! =D

Went makan Thai food at My Elephant Restaurant again just now with my family!! LOL... Yummy!! It's Sunday!! Back to work tomorrow loo... Have a blessed week ahead people.

Here's a few more photos i took while I was at KL Tower then.

*i think is more on cheras side to the far side*

*office blocks near KLCC... anyone working around there?*

*vision, velocity, vicious, vital, what else?? vendeta*

And so, my next update should be about THAI FOOD AGAIN!! LOL....