Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dinner at My Elephant

.290608. Dinner @ My Elephant, PJ Section 17

Short-Note: Gonna start work in 9 hours time!! LOL... tidorzzz.....

Just came home from a gathering dinner organised by Rachel at her friend's restaurant. It was Thai food and it is a highly recommended place to makan dinner if you are looking for Thai delicacy. It is located just a block away from Food Foundry and Six-to-Ten Nasi Lemak restaurants if you need landmarks.

Anyway, it's quite a cozy place to hang out as well and a good place for gathering or celebrations! And here's the place and we were there!

*recommended place for Thai Food!!*

*it has quite a cozy environment for dinner*

*here's simon with maple, forgive me if i spell wrongly ya*

*my colleague vs my coursemate*

*little girl karena aka karipap or just KARI*

*rachel da boss and sandra da pixie*

*yes!! we are having a good dinner!!*

*banana leaf served on a plate*

*a sneak peek of our food!! LOL*

Stay tune to see what we ate tomorrow!! Really delicious punya food lor!! LOL...

MMU Friends at Friendster

.280608. Yum Cha Session @ Friendster Cafe, Sunway Pyramid

Nonsense aside... LOL... Was having a "yum cha" session last night at Friendster Cafe with a few of my regular ex-Uni-mates. Everyone was busy working already and I thought it would be nice to catch up with them at least twice a month in a "yum cha/jao" session somewhere. Next up will be a BBQ session @ Johnyee's new apartment in Puchong.

We had a great time of chit chatting last night. For those who are already in Penang or somewhere else. Sorry la ya!! Hope to catch up with you guyz soon!! =D

Here are some photos of us yesterday!

*my gay partner back in Cyberia then*

*the most loving couple I've known!! LOL.. right??*

*my bestie broda!! and jelly also known as babi.. ROFL*

*ini queen of pervertism!! LOL.. with her innocent yeejen!!*

*this is lenglui sherpie!!! haha.. always whack ppl wan*

*a group shot before leaving.. as usual.. see you guyz soon!!*

Just before I move on to some of my long lost post!! LOL... Here's a photo for thoughts!! Have a blessed week ahead and God bless!!

*do you have someone to direct your path in life??*

Short-Note: Owh o!! Gonna start work tomorrow @ Pico International (M) Sdn Bhd!! Wish me luck and pray for me ya!! =) Till then... Blessed week ahead people!! Take care and God bless!! *cheerz*

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Have You Ever ??


Short-Note: Friendster Cafe @ Sunway Pyramid tonite!! Anyone??

LOL... It's getting a little more random than before and here's a photo taken somewhere very high above the sky!! Any guess??

*when you find yourself trapped hopelessly someday, God will make a way!*

Have you ever, at a point of your life, come into a dead end when you are completely hopeless and helpless?

Have you ever, in the midst of your happiness, feel sorrow deep inside your heart?

Cheers people and have a good day ahead!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008


.260608. siensation @ home

decided not to upload any photos....

not gonna write much also....

just wanna rest and emo abit....

thinking what is my next step....

whats gonna happen next....

*cheers* people out there....

thanks for all your wishes again....

have a good night.... sleep tight.... and God bless....

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


.140608. All Malaysian Bloggers Project Gathering @ Cineleisure

Just before I go into the live blogging event, I remembered I attended this AMBP gathering @ Cineleisure 2 weeks ago and also the special screening of Incredible Hulk. Not much photos though but I thought today was the best time to write abit about that day.

It was a joint organised event by AMBP, Microsoft and also CinemaOnline. It was a time of sharing by a few bloggers and also some presentation by Microsoft and also CinemaOnline. After the gathering, there was a special screening for the participants of Incredible Hulk and the movie was simply cool!

But the most important part of the gathering that caught most people's attention was the personality test provided by Star-Jobs Online. It's basically a test to see which field of interest that suits your career most! And since I was looking for a job, I thought of trying it out.


*there were a total of 7 field of interest or abilities*

*this was how i fair!! I got the highest for SERVICING though!!*

Upon completing the test, I have to seperate the cards of interest and see which category I score the most cards. Without much surprise, I score 7 cards for "servicing" and 6 others for "influencing, adventuring and creating". The lady on duty that day told me that my interest was dealing with people. That's right I thought to myself. The only thing left for me to think about was which industry that really suits me? I could be a Sales Engineer, IT consulting, Business Management Trainee and what not. Finally, I thought event and people was what I really liked most!

One day, BengHan told me about an opening in his company and asked if I would like to send in my application and I thought, no harm trying! So I went for interview and today I got a call from the company and they offered me a job!! LOL... I'm hired...

Best part, company just 5 minutes away from home, good working environment, well established company, got kawan inside, good offer and my type of job. Thank God for his divine appointment and plan! Now, is up to me to really work extra hard and do my best!!

*this is da company i'm gonna work with soon!!*

Back to Euro2008. Looking forward to the 2 semi-finals. Germany and Turkey in few hours time. Spain and Russia in the other semi-final tie. May the better team wins!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dinner in Gasoline

.160608. Dinner Gathering @ Lookout Point, Ulu Langat

*fuuuhh*~ tired... just came home from badminton with NicholasChay and ShaolinTiger. Great 2 hours of game!!

Orites, just before i forget about this dinner gathering, last week, a few of us went to lookout point for dinner. Thanks Sandra for inviting me though!! =D Most of us gathered at her place and we played this super interesting game call "TABOO"!! Damn nice... LOL.. If you haven't play before, you must seriously consider and give it a try. It can be damn funny at times!! SmashpOp joined us at lookout point itself and we met 2 Joshuas up there!! =D

So it goes...

*first time playing this super funny and mind cracking game*

*sandra, karena, benghan, rachel and gary*

*dinner at Gasoline, Lookout Point*

*had this for dinner!! yummy!!*

*as usual, we won't leave without a group shot!!*

*met unclejosh up there!!*

*one more group shot can?? lol, jason and simon left oredi*

Next gathering... =( pergi mana leh?? genting?? aquaria?? paintball?? LOL... looking forward.. Next up, went Nuffnang Wild "Live" Blogging event in Modesto's Desa Sri Hartamas!! See what I won myself!!

*thanks for the prize!! hehehehe*

Anyone looking for job or hiring?? LOL

Monday, June 23, 2008

Bloggers' Tea Gathering

.210608. Bloggers' Tea Gathering @ Bangsar Village Fest

Last Saturday, I went to this bloggers' tea gathering @ bangsar village presented by Advertlets. Thanks UncleJosh for rsvp'ing for me and thanks RasAngela and JoshLim for inviting me!

Met up with Jason, Simon and Karena for brunch @ Nirvana Maju Curry House just across Bangsar Village Complex just before the gathering. After that, met up with the double Joshua (JoshLee and JoshLim) at the event hall up on the top floor of Bangsar Village (new wing i suppose). We were rather early though but then the crowd start to pour in. We had a good gathering and meet new friends though. Good food by Dlish, good chat with one another and good exposure to the various company that promoted health products and issues there itself.

Am looking forward to JoshLim's next big plan!! And I'm pretty sure he's coming up with big and fruitful events lining up ahead. Here's some photos.

*karena and jason @ nirvana maju curry house*

*me, interrupting abang simon with his banana leaf rice*

*early people for the tea gathering*

*nice food prepared by D'lish, yummy!!*

*the super creative artistic rames!! like his artworks*

*how can i go without a photo with JoshLim kan? and eeling beside*

*bloggerz chit chatting around and whatelse?? camwhore lo*

*damn banyak dslr lo!! haha... bunch of eligible bachelors kan?*

*esther and peiman busying with their cupcakes*

*the final product from esther + peiman factory*

*strawberries anyone?? (photo taken by unclejosh)*

Omg... I'm so sesat already with my KK Trip photos.. haha.. Anywayz, have a blessed week ahead people!! It's only Monday!! 4 more days to go ya!! =D

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Happy Full Moon Baby Zach!!

.220608. Zach Yap Full Moon Celebration @ Leong Ya Restaurant, Serdang

Just came home from yum cha with UncleJosh and Peiman, but before that was the celebration of baby zach. Thanks James for inviting the football kakis to his son's full moon celebration @ Leong Ya Restaurant at Serdang/Sri Kembangan/The Mines there... Famous for its paper-wrapped chicken or better known as "ji bao kai".

Happy full moon to baby zach!!

*very de cute baby zach*

*happy parents of zach*

*the famous paper-wrapped chicken*

*and of coz... a group shot of the football kakis!!*

Just a short Sunday post though. Next up, find out why smashpOp so happy down there with his sony!! haha..

*itu smashpOp with karena and simon background*

We were at blogger's tea gathering @ Bangsar Village Fest, by Advertlets!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Cat Got Your Tongue #3 Pt 2

.190608. More Fun @ Heritage Mansion

Short-Note: Blogger's Tea Gathering @ Bangsar Village at 3pm. Wild "Live" Blogging event @ Modesto's Desa Sri Hartamas at 6pm. See you people there!! =D

Woke up damn early la despite sleeping at 4am+. So decided to continue my CGYT post.

Like I said, whenever you see DavidLai you'll see him entertaining people with his freaking tricks!! And there was this game called "suck-and-blow with a touch-n-go". How rhythmic the title of the games go. I'm pretty sure that most of us has seen this game before but just, not with a touch-n-go card of course. It's usually played with poker cards. And the girls were really really good in this game, just that I don't understand why our 2 guys couldn't do it. hahaha =D

Later, I got punked by RandyKhoo with his card tricks. Damn amazing lor which i still cannot figure out yet how he and also david did that. Haha... The dance floor was then packed with people as they enjoy a round of a dance after the chats and magics.

Here's the rest that I met and the fun that i mentioned.

*david freaking people out with his spoon bending*

*best kan?? amanda and peiman enjoying the game*

*losers get to drink this!! damn nice... i should have played =D*

*randy in action, simon in amazement*

*good to see you again, storybook couture boutique co-owner*

*hello binbin and ren!!*

*plz dun tipu little kids anymore ya!*

*somehow, my related junior!! haha*

*missing in action punya copykate*

*jenn having fun blowing bubbles*

*why cool? he got his name tattooed nicely on his hand!!*

*datz all for now!! can't wait for the next gathering!*