Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Off Duty For One Week!!

.280508. Mount Kinabalu Expedition + Labuan Exploration (290508 - 030608)

Short Note: Hillsong United Concert tonite @ Glad Tidings PJ. See you there!!

Woooo~ The day I've been waiting for has finally arrived!! =D Gonna go "Shout To The Lord" together with Hillsong United!! Yeay!! Can't wait!! Can't wait!!

Tomorrow lagi syiok!! Will be leaving for my long-planned Mount KK expedition and Labuan exploration trip with my Uni friends. In fact, after the Hillsong concert I'll be going to my friend's house to overnight and we gotta leave for LCCT at 4am!!! *die* Gonna be super tired coz i doubt I can sleep with the excitement inside me!! haha

So *cheerz* people!!! Will be signing off from here for one week!! Till I come back again next week!! And yes, Sue, Sherry and Steph!! Will remember your "souvenirs" hahaha... and also my KSCB darlings... hahah =D Chiaoz!! Pray for a safe journey and a smooth climbing!!

Here's a photo for you all before I sign off!! Enjoy and have a pleasant week ahead!! Take care and God bless!! =D

*He is getting really ready for Mount KK!! or anyone wanna fight him?!! hahaha*

*Mount KK!! Here I come to conquer the top of you!!*

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memoir Affair 08'

.250508. Memoir Affair @ Bixby Pub & Lounge(Lakeview, Subang)

Short Note: Hillsong United Concert tomorrow @ Glad Tidings PJ, 8pm. See you guyz and gurlz there!! Those going one, we gather together then go in k??? Should be there by 7pm!! Let me know if you are going ya!! =D Can't wait.. can't wait!!!

*Ahem*... If you all noticed, my ticket number is actually "0001"!!! Hahaha... Bought the first ticket from Pastor Gwen when it first arrived about a month ago!! Super excited about it then that I bought the tickets just hours after they arrived at Glad Tidings... Haha..

*ticket number "0001"*

Anyway, back to my topic, and so, it was a memoir affair indeed on Sunday when some of the final year students from MMU gathered in a privately organised gathering dinner @ Bixby. Well, just hours before I reached Bixby I was lingering around @ Mid Valley and saw this Kung Fu Panda promo at center court. I was stunned by the little kids as seen in my picture when they hit the stage with their breakdancing skills that rocked the crowd!! Cool~, I thought. Then this little "uncle panda" came on stage to join the kung fu kids... Cute...

*kung fu panda promo @ mid valley*

Brian and I reached Bixby at about 7pm before the rest joined us at about 7.30pm. The place was not bad for a crowd that is not too big and the food was simply delicious and for RM 50, I think is quite worth it if you can eat alot. Some of the main dishes (buffet style) includes grill lamb, grill chicken, grill stingry, grill sotong, grill sausage, spagetthi, fried rice, wedges, "lala", and of course there were salad bar, fruits, soup, ice kacang and drinks. Had a really "filling" night though.

Had this really unique "ice-like" door gift that will blink when you dip it into te water. Performance was rather normal and the games was a little boring (at least to me) and I feel the atmosphere wasn't really that good. However, at least we enjoyed a final gathering dinner though after our final finalz.

Next up.... Looking forward to my KK trip, as said, coming up on Thursday!! Weeeee....~

*bixby pub & lounge @ lakeview club, subang*

*looking inside with my sifu busying his stuff*

*oooo... someone left his camera on the pool table... ngek ngek*

*desperate until use marker pen to play dart*

*mini pool balls???*

*itu lah MMU!! with sher yee's scattered mini pearls*

*dinner's served!! wooooo.....*

*the unique doorgift i was talking about, comes in red and blue*

*a group shot before we chiao, vic the cameraman... sorry*

Aiyo.... gotta start packing for KK d.... Hope the rest sudah ready!! both physically, phsychologically, moneyly, and mentally!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Last Day With B1-3-7

.260508. Spring Cleaning @ Cyberjaya Home

3 years already since I first stepped my foot into Cyberia Condo (B1-3-7) after suffering 1 year in MMU's on-campus hostel with Jon... Hahaha.. And today, JyhYian, XiaoYun + SK, Daniel, Brian, and myself finally shift out from the unit. It took us around 7 hours to get all our unwanted stuffs OUT (only to be collected by scavengers) and for the first time did a spring cleaning in our unit. It was really tiring though but a good training for our upcoming KK trip this Thursday =p

Well, at the end of the cleaning spree, there was a sense of heavy heart deep inside me though to really leave this place and move on in life with parting ways. I lie on the floor, in my room, thinking back those moments when we first moved into Cyberia and of course with Jon that time, my roomie, the feeling of being a Uni student was so cool especially when we get together for parties, outings and doing activities together.

I know those days are as good as over after the FINAL trip we are going to have this coming Thursday. I really hope all of us could enjoy the most of it as we try to conquer the top of Mount Kinabalu and snorkel along Sabah beach as well as explore the wonders of Labuan. After all that, we will then start a new chapter of life, WORK, specifically.

*goodbye good old dayz @ B1-3-7*

*brian sitting there puzzled as to where to start cleaning*

*jyhyian felt guilty after throwing most of the unwanted things in the kitchen*

*final look on my emptied room =( where my bed used to be there*

*saw this freak accident along KL-Putrajaya Expressway on the way home*

*celebration dinner here sempena house cleaning success!*

*victor, wailin, and seow wei joined in the fun*

*met jocelyn jiejie and her husband Jonathan*

*my dinner's served!! wooo.... classic cabonara fetuccine, my fav*

Will update on the photoshoot and MMU Memoir Affair laterz....

Sunday, May 25, 2008

One Night Shoot

.250508. Shooting @ Bukit Bintang

Short Note: Will be attending a MMU Graduation Night @ Bixby Pub & Lounge (Lakeview, Subang) tonite at 7.30pm. See you guyz there!!

Somewhere last 2 weeks I was kinda stressed out and bored with my revision for my finalz exam and so here I went with sandrapixie for some photoshooting. Just to share 2 photos that I like though. Enjoy...

*drawing a broken apple-shape-like heart with my phone*

*capturing tail-light in front of pavillion*

Nothing special though, just a random post before I go for football and the dinner tonight!! Have a pleasant day and a brand new week ahead people!! Take care and God bless.... =D

Stay tuned for my upcoming photos from the photoshoot with my uni friends. Chiaoz...

Saturday, May 24, 2008

KSCB Bloggerz Gathering

.230508. KSCB Bloggerz @ Talipon Restaurant (Kelana Jaya)

Thanks to Yoei and Ren, mini 'kscb' had a fun gathering + dinner @ Talipon Restaurant just across the Kelana Jaya Putra LRT Station. It was my first time attending such gathering though. Meeting people that you only know virtually from the net but... Thank God I found a group of really interesting and pretty nice people to hang out with!

*cheerz* to Ren, Yen, MengYoei, Sue, Zoe, WenPink, CopyKate, Simon, UncleJosh, PeiMun, SplashMilk, and Melvin.

*kate, ren and mel in the camera*

*yen, me, and ren*

*da gurlz - kate, wen, sue, zoe*

*wonder what they want from me =p*

*tattoo show-off, where's zoe's?*

*zoe's butterfly tattoo, cantik kan?*

*yoei with his funny face and simon brain-washing zoe and kate*

*hello uncle josh and his girlfriend (left)*

*group photo from sue*

Nice meeting you guyz and looking forward to our next gathering. Perhaps it could be the Roxy event on June 7th.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Leaving Malacca...

.180508. Photoshoot @ Malacca (day 2)

And so, we reached our 'final destination' for photoshoot for the whole trip and we were at portuguese settlement behind lisbon hotel along the "beach"...

*somewhere at portuguese settlement*

*lovely couple cz + pc*

*cakap nak freestyle but all ffk me*

*silhouette the making*

*my silhouette jump*

Finally, job done.... what'z next??

*somewhere out there*

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Photoshoot At Malacca Part 3

.180508. Photoshoot @ Malacca

More pix....

*eye of malacca*

*some random shots*

*where to go next broda?*

*extremely cheap dim sum @ malacca town*

*random angle shot, nice?*

*pink reinforcement*

*when the rainbow colors combined!!*

*trying out some own style*

*here is he.... my model of da day again*
Part 4 comin up!!

Champions Of Europe!!

.210508. UCL Final @ Moscow (Luzhniki Stadium)

*Luzhniki Stadium @ Moscow, Russia*

Just came home from one of the most dramatic penalty shootout in a European Champions League Final history. It was the moment of truth as who was to be crown champions of Europe in the land of Russia. Daniel and I decided to invade Oldtown Kopitiam in Cyberjaya as the spot for the UCL grand finale!! To our suprise, the place was already jammed packed with United (majority) and Chelsea supporters when we actually arrived at 1.45am.

Thanks to Daniel who spotted 'Padi' with empty spaces, we quickly grab a few tables and reserved the best seats for that night (or morning). And soon, the rest joined in, about 20 of us, together with hundreds around. The atmosphere and crowd was rather heated up with excitement!! And so the match kicked off with Man Utd controlling well for the next 35 minutes. Ronaldo played well enough today and managed to score a brilliant header after finding a cross from Brown who completed a perfect 1-2 pass with Scholes. Just at the stroke of half time, Lampart found the equaliser after a deflected shot from Essien through a scrappy looking United defence which wrong-footed Van Der Sar.

Second half and extra time was rather boring and average respectively with some few nice chances from United who just couldnt score and Chelsea hitting the wood twice. Then came one of the most thrilling and nerve-shredding penalty shootout I've ever witness. With Chelsea leading 4-4 with an extra shot, it looked as if Terry was going to seal the game after Van Der Sar dived the wrong way.


Lady luck was on United's side and the woodwork did it's wonders again to United's favour. The whole crowd screamed like mad and I almost lost my voice that moment! And so we all (majority) chanted for United and finally Anelka's kick was brilliantly saved by Van Der Sar to seal the European crown!!! The fans ran wild and we shouted our lungs out, hugging each other and exchanging "high fives"!!!

*Man Utd - Champions of Europe 07/08 and Barclays PL Champions*

I tell you, it was definitely, without a single doubt, a brilliant season for Man Utd and to wrap it up with such a astonishing fashion is simply remarkable. Looking forward to the next season and may the best team wins again! =D

Photoshoot @ Malacca Pt3 laterz.... =p