Thursday, January 31, 2008


It really broke my heart as i read the news of the fatal Slim River Bus Crash with tears in my eyes. I may not know the victims but I definitely understand the feeling of grief in losing someone that is dear to us.... Especially things happen so sudden. so unexpected.

This line, quoted from kennysia struck my heart straight through at the very fullstop.

"A boy in KL waited patiently for his girlfriend to travel down from Penang to visit him.

She never arrived."


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hakka Restaurant @ Jalan Kia Peng (Opposite Menara HLA)


Hello guyz and girlz... Another recommendable makan place!! hehe.. charmz lo, i think this i gonna be like a food blog soon.... Anywayz, the place has already been mentioned in the title. For Hakka food lovers, this is definitely a place that you wouldn't wanna miss going. It's located right at the heart of the city centre near Bukit Bintang. It is just right opposite of Menara HLA (DCHL Malaysia HQ) or just 3 minutes walk from Pavillion back entrance.

Just got home from a scrumpcious dinner there. Once again, thousand apologies for a low quality photos that couldn't capture enough of your attention or perhaps can't persuade you to this fantastic restaurant but as the saying goes "do not judge a book by it's cover" k?? Trust me, its really really good... =D

*kerang fry hamchoi . wax duck rice . pork intestine with pineapple (non-halal) . hakka style sangchoi wrap dunno wat . pork rib . *

*my favourite hakka dish*

COMING SOON ...... (nikon d40)

*to be continued*

Monday, January 28, 2008

It's all about [endless] #2

This is quite a spontaneous post as i suddenly thought of dedicating another page for my endless' buddies! Well, I am sure that everyone has different walk of life as they grew up from teenage to young adult. For me, it was the Boys' Brigade (1st KL Company) that really brought me up the way I am now. I am very thankful with the guidance and blessings that God gave me through my journey in the Boys' Brigade. To have such great friends around (endless especially), it really made my life more meaningful.

I am sure everyone will have a group of close friends of their own. For me, it was "endless". Since high school, we played band together, we go for camps together, play sports together, play CS and SC together, build each other up, joke together, and so much more....

Here I wanna reflect back the momentz when all of us turned 21 back in 2006!

*endless devastation a.k.a "clumsy lee lun jun"*

*[endless]deception a.k.a "siketot"*

*[endless]desire a.k.a "howdy"*

*[endless]dread --->"myself"*

*[endless]deceit a.k.a "poppy knight"*

*[endless]deceive a.k.a "ma-ple"*

Bloggin Interrupted!!!! [back 2 cyberjaya]


sienz... Back to MMU for my final semester after 3 months of internship today... The streamyx line back here didnt work quite well so i was having a hard time trying to log in to and even my Y! and MSN messengers. zzzzz.... Therefore, I did not manage to post up some of my drafts earlier.. (at home now, so can post) (^.^)

Anywayz.... it was great to be back in uni, meeting up with housemates and unimates after 3 months of busying with our own work. haha... The day got even better when I got to play badminton and followed by basketball with all my kawanz... But.....

Highlight of the day!!! ----> Drumming session @ Jusco Putra Permai!!

*some Jap drumming game machine in Jusco "kidsland"*

*tada!! presenting you two of MMU greatest drummers*

*none other than Dan & CL*

Saturday, January 26, 2008

"Kam Heong" Style Duck Rice @ PJ State


After a scorching noon at kebun and one half hour of futsal at kuchai, followed my parents to PJ State area for a delicious meal. I heard of this famous duck rice before but never been there. So today was my first time! No doubt it was way beyond my expectation!! Too good to be true!! hahaha =D Recommendable place for different style of duck rice! Besides that, they have other few side dishes as well.. PHOTOS NOT SO CLEAR! SORRY....

*this place is also famous for prawn mee during the day*

*special kam heong style duck*

*pork intestine* (non halal)

*dunno wat style ham choi*

*kam heong style "lou dan"*

* one more thing, please go early! the crowd is MASSIVE!! recommended time should be around 6++ pm *

Scorching noon @ kebun bunga Sg Buloh



ARgGggghhHhhhHHhh! Freaking hot day!! Perhaps it is the time of the year where we suppose to get fried under the fiery sun.. Especially when chinese new year is just around the corner! Oh well, went to kebun bunga(s) with my mom to look for chinese new year plants! Nothing much to talk about. Just some photos for you all to see... heheh

*random snapshot on the sun* HOTT WEI~

*let the walk begin*

*first stop kat "sakura"* =D

*first shot on this purplish dunno call wat flower*

*used to have such plant back in my old hse*

*famous "kat zai" plant for chinese new year* (buy i carrefour,cheaper!)

*nicely decor'ed dunno call wat again green plant*


*is this the flower ppl take go "pai san" wan ar?*


Just as I thought no one would actually come to this area on such a HOT HOT DAY!! I was wrong! In fact, the single laned 2-way street was packed with cars, lorries, bikes and what not! As if there's mega sale or something.....

*still HOT!!*


*this is why we have so many accidents and JAMS*

*chinese new year sale is on!! hurry up*

Friday, January 25, 2008

Part-time driver for hire!


Just as I thought my internship was over on Tuesday I was free!! Hehehe.. Things doesn't seem to look that way. It was a pretty tiring day as i volunteered myself to be my aunt's driver today! Worked from 8am to 4pm. Anyway, I got my reward also la.. hehehe =D *anyone looking for driver and offering good pay can call 012-3314349* =p

Roger Federrer LOST in straight sets to Novak Djokovic (5-7,3-6,6-7)

As soon as I got home, I was just in time to catch the Semi Finals of the Australian Open. It was a pretty much exciting game to watch!! In fact, Nadal lost in straight sets as well to unseeded Tsonga of France the day before. I suppose it would be an exciting and interesting Australian Open Finals this Sunday!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sending her off for auzzie @ KLIA


Final farewell for Yin Ling as she leaves to Brisbane for 1 year job training. Congratz to her as well for being one of the only 2 applicants in the world to be offered this special training award (which i forgot what it is called) (AIESEC's Work-Exchange Programme) *the other recepient is a Brazilian guy*


*cya in 2009*

We wish you all da best again and keep in touch! Do send us some photos and mails to update us on your work and lifestyle there! Till then, tatarz... God bless! (^.^)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It's all about [endless]

.230108. (tribute to [endless]despair - 5 years has gone)

*from top cw: jenn, myself, anson, meng, bin, teongwee*

Most of my friends will know about 'endless' but for those who don't, it is one of the most important term in my life. In fact, 'endless' is my life. It is all my buddies' lives.

5 years ago, 23 January 2003, I've lost one of my closest buddy but I know that the heaven has gained one soul. He was [endless]despair, my dear buddy Teong Wee. This entry will be a special tribute to him as we don't really have a memorial to go to except to Port Klang's sea. I know that deep down in our hearts. endless's hearts, we still miss him alot. And he stays in my heart forever!

A glimpse of our good old days. Momentz that we had shared together. We cherish it together forever!

*remember those dayz?*

*when we were younger?*

*when all of us were together?*

*enjoying every seconds of our lives?*

*unseparable by all means*

*went to church together...*

*played as a team*

*achieving our dreamz in tribute for [endless]despair*

*those were the dayz*

My other closest buddies, this very page, i dedicate to all of you as well!

[endless]deceive - Anson
[endless]deceit - YeeMeng
[endless]deception - Scott
[endless]desire - JennHoel
[endless]devastation - ZhenBin
[endless]dread - myself

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Last day of Internship!! yeahoooo~


It was my final day of internship in Eworld Internet Solutions. Hoorayy!! but.... It started off wrong when i found myself in a bad crawl at MRR2 heading towards Batu Caves.. zzzz... All thanks to the preparation for Thaipusam the next day!!

Anywayz, it has been a good 3 months though in my company. Learned a lot of HTML, CSS and other codings. Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and also Flash. Last but not least, I've learned a whole new teamwork and friendship within my batch of trainees.

It has been a great experience for me going out meeting people of various industries, hoping to broaden my network for future purposes. heheh.. I'll miss those times with all of you!

Thanks to ---> Harry.Naresh.Miera (iWebby) YeanHoong.SzeMing.ShinYow.Heng (F4) Foong.FangZhe.Patrick.Najmi (FFPN) Eugene.Bryan.Chua (Eworld)

*photos to be uploaded soon*

Monday, January 21, 2008

Ho Ho Steamboat @ Bandar Sri Menjalara


*recommendable steamboat makan place*

Went for another spectacular dinner with parent tonight! This time was Ho Ho Steamboat somewhere near my house... Famous for it's crabbie and good soup!

*chun crabbie*

*extremely thinly sliced pork meat*

*waiting for the "stuffs" to be cooked!*


Siapa mau belanja makan? Alwiz welcomed! =D

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Yin Ling farewell @ Neway Cheras


Haven't been singing for quite some time already but it was a great afternoon of endless shouts, chats, singings, eating and drinking... the highlight of the day should be playing "batu, gunting, kain" with the punishment of finishing up leftover buffet foods!! (morale behind story: dun take too much foods in any buffet meals) It was then followed by "cai mui" a typical drinking game between kah hoe and shin lu! but this time... drink lemon and honey dew juice.. *yikezz.* (bottoms up!!)

*yl being feed before leaving for auzzie*

*the girlz except for the "background fela" on the far left*

*highlight of the day! chai mui with melon juice*

*group photo for memory*

anywayz, scott.zhenbin.mayz.fiona.karen.shinlu.corinna.kennethwong.kahhoe.myself would like to wish YOU (you know who you are) a safe trip to Brisbane and all the best in your work! take care and God bless!! xoxo from all of us (^.^)

*finally "lui chue kok" and i*