Wednesday, August 13, 2008 is up

.130808. soft launched has already marked its first milestone by hitting 10000 hits in approx 8 months. It's time to change and I would like to welcome you to

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Friday, August 8, 2008

Long Awaited Day...


"8" has always been my favourite number since i was little. It's significant to me as it represents my birthdate. Anyway, today is also the official opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games! Jason rated it in his twitter 15/10!! No machines, all human!! I must watch the reply d.

Anyway, today is the day I finally got my breakthrough in something that I've long to tell. Something that I was so lost in. Something that I so dowan to keep. It's finally shattering away pieces by pieces..

It's when you are at the lowest moment of your life you will learn the greatest lesson and through it all, I know that Jesus is there by my side.

Monday, August 4, 2008

This Is PC Fair!!

.040808. PC Fair II @ KLCC

Short-Note: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . c o m - launching soon!

*am back*

PC Fair has finally ended peacefully last night but I had to stay till late for "tear down", a term that my company (or any contractor) uses when its time for post event clear up! Thank God for granting me the inner strength to stay strong throughout the day and sustaining me despite my lack of sleep!! =D

For those who never go pc fair this time round, let me show you how it's like.....

*this sony booth was built by my company!!*

*this is total madness lo!! tak bergerak wan!!*

*imagine how long those ppl need to clear the mess!! be considerate!*

Anyway, this was my first experience in PC Fair and I can tell you it was a great one! On the first day (1 Aug, Friday), the crowd was rather average and under control. To me, 2nd day was the worst, PIKOM and KLCC staffs totally lose control on the enormous amount of crowd coming in jamming the walkway and thanks to 1 or 2 impatient and wild uncle, the emergency exit glass was deliberately smashed broken to unarm the door in Hall 3 which was supposed to be closed. The crowd started to rush out from the forced open door and withing seconds the security came to control the crowd. Some of the booths partitions was also pushed and almost ruined by these brainless people who do not think about the consequences!

Some of them approached the organisers saying that the walking path was too narrow but honestly, we can't blame them coz the crowd is just too MASSIVE!! Anyway, it was a great 3 days experience for me and I have learnt alot from the fair.

*chef recommendation from "BBQ Chicken" Restaurant*

Had this for dinner just then and it was delicious!! nice nice! =D

Am a little disappointed though for not able to go for Passion World Tour yesterday and meet Chris Tomlin in person! I supposed it was a great night with great message as I heard positive feedbacks from lotsa people!! Looking for the next one!

Ok... Time to sleep already!! Need to cover up my restless nights!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

PC FAIR II is Here!!


PC Fair is happening today from 11am - 9pm!! See you there!!