Thursday, February 14, 2008

Badminton, GOLF, and "hoi toi"


What a healthy day i had today!! It has always been great and fun to play badminton with my uni-kakis... Especially when Daniel is around! hahaha~ But today, after playing badminton we sat just outside the badminton hall cooling down and chit chatting... Vic, Jon, KweiYeaa a.k.a dailou, Cheewai and myself suddenly thought of playing golf after noticing the price list for the sports facilities in cyberpark community centre....


Hahahaha.... We paid RM3.50 for 50 balls and RM 5 for the rental of a club (the most basic one) DaiLou took the first try and started hitting the air a few times +D hahahahaha~ Just as we thought he was not talented, the rest of us were worst especially ME who hit the grass and air for 4-5 times before getting the right hit on the golf ball! swtzzzzz~ =D

Johnyee and SeeWen drop by to watch us play when they two went for a jog at the park... everyone was given an award that day as we ended with Daniel coming later hitting the final 5 balls...

Furthest Shot - Jon (fuiyooo~)

Highest Angle Shot - KweiYee (can play Gunbound

Nearest Shot - Victor (hahahahahahaha)

Best Style - Cheewai (Like wanna whack people)

Most Grass and Air Hitting Shot - myself (zzzzzz)

*not forgetting Daniel awarded KLIA Limo Driver of the month* applicable to girls only....

Came night~ what else to do during chinese new year if its not . . . . . . . . . . (^.^)


voch said...

Hey dont lie k! I'm not the nearest its you hahahaha... never leave the pitch :P