Sunday, February 3, 2008

Lookout Point @ Hulu Langat


Continuation from Pure Life visit...

Since i miss endless gay outing ( I decided to join my "adventure gang" at lookout point as they celebrated Galvin's birthday! oopss.. Happy Birthday Galv!!! =D

Well, I have been to this place plenty of times already! Thanks to [endless]desire a.k.a Howdy/JennHoel for bringing me there... It is definitely one the nearest place for you to get to if you wanto enjoy great view from above (apart from little genting and the real genting)

*i call it mini pagoda tower for better view*

The view is simply awesome and mesmerizing. Besides, they have dining restaurants for you to eat or yum cha (like what most people do) as you enjoy the glittering lights of Klang Valley. A truly recommedable place for people who loves great views, relax and release tension or stress or even a group gathering!

*my adventure gang!*


voch said...

Haha i was up in look out point last nite!

andrew said...

yoyo...hahaha =D char dao.... remember ya next week photoshooting!