Wednesday, February 20, 2008

University Malaya - CP08'

Final year final semester! It's time to explore what are the openings or career opportunity that is available in the market. 5 years had already gone!! Just couldn't believe that time actually flies. Real fast. Just back then, in Malacca when we did our Alpha Engineering Course together. FOSEE Building. Bukit Beruang. Chicken Rice Ball. Mahkota Parade. Those were the dayz....

Time to face the reality of life. Its all about career and not just job or work. A career path that would bring all of us 20 years aheadand not just a year or two.

I always ask myself. In fact some of my friends do ask... What do I really wanna work as??? What is my future gonna be like? To be honest, I seriously do not know. I shall leave it to God's plan for me. But what I do really want is to work with people. And not practical engineering that I've been studying for all this while. Stupid? Not necessarily. Unless if fated, then I will just go on working and dealing with devices and what not.

UM had a Career Fair from 19-21 Feb. We were there today. Victor, Jon, Johnyee, Grace and I went together. Met some of the screwdrivers there and of course, Brian, Sherz and Jyh went earlier. It was a great exposure though to understand more about the market today.

Might opt for Accenture or GE training program though. Anywayz, that will be sometime laterz.. As for now, just wanna continue with my own works and looking for opportunity to excel in other businesses.