Sunday, March 23, 2008

Blessed Easter to Everyone!!



*back drop in the main sanctuary SIBKL 08'*

Hey guyz!! and gurlz... =) Happy and Blessed Easter to all. Once again, it is the day to remember and praise God for it was 'today' 2000 years back our Lord, Jesus resurrected from the dead and reconciles man to God. *cheerz* to that!! He rose on the third day just for us. It's time to "Rise Again"....

This morning as I woke up, I sense something great was going to happen!! Left for Alpha class at 8.15am and i had a great session with Elder Koon Tat. Praise God for a very very fruitful morning session and then came the Easter Celebration @ SIBKL where my whole family (except my mom who is in China right now) went to witness the greatness of God and also to support my sister, Celine, who was worship leading today! =D The atmosphere was awesome and the congregation was simply amazing!!

*the worship team electrifying God's people!!*

*Well done all involved with Easter Celebration!*

I felt God's presence was really strong this morning and I praise him for all who came to know him today and saved under his loving arms. I thank God for giving me a special gift this morning! =)

The message by Pastor Victor Wong was amazing and I am sure it touches a lot of lives today. May the the seed be implanted into good soil and bear fruits. If not today, one day in the future. When the short video of "Passion of Christ" was projected, I broke down. Tears of mix feelings as I see Jesus being cruxified, but, all this I know was for a reason; His Love for us.... Thank You Jesus for dying on the Cross for our sins... I proclaim that you are my personal Lord and Saviour... To God be all the glory!!!