Friday, March 28, 2008


Pure Life 2nd Visit (Photo Poster Making)

It was our 2nd visit to Pure Life at Puchong after a fruitful bonding with the kids on our first trip. This time, we were there to have a photo poster making session. After much preparation work for the past weeks, we brought the neatly decorated manila cards of various colors to the homes. We developed photos from the first visit and brought it along as well to be distributed to the kids.

The night started off with Osbert leading the ice breaking session with an exciting game called "In and Out of the Pond". The kids together with the rest of the Goshen cell's members had lotsa fun!! It was battle of the sex'es and of course the guyz was the better side for that game. Soon after, we split into respective groups and started to do the photo poster work.

All of them, boyz and girlz, were very excited with it and put full effort in making the best poster out of it. Cuttings, pastings, drawings and writings took place and each of them were supposed to write something good about their friends. About 20 minutes later, everyone was done and we started sharing about what the poster really mean to them. What have they learned during the process? One answered "teamwork"! confidently. One even said he was touched to see the good things his friend wrote about him.

I sense that there was something that moved their hearts and I believe that God is really working. I was so glad that the kids responded so well that night and I'm pretty sure that the poster meant alot to them. If not now, perhaps few years later when they search through their drawers or cupboards holding back at their poster and think back... And I believe even in our daily lives, little thing or good deed that we do, will make a huge difference in someone else's life =)

*game master, Osbert teaching the rest how to play in-n-out of the pond*

*the girlz doing the photo poster work*

*the boyz*

*Juni's pretty poster*

*this is just one of the many brilliant deco's the kids did*

*my group of boys proudly showing their posters*

*cheerz everyone!!*