Monday, March 3, 2008

Monday Blues


Jon, Brian and myself did not have much rest the night before. We were up at lookout point then chit chatting and went back to Cyber around 2am. Woke up at 8 in the morning for our "beloved" Prof Pankaj class which Jon said he wanted to skip for so many many times. But of course, each time we failed to do so. In fact we gave our full concentration in class, at least, on something else rather than his lecture though. =p oooppss.. jk jk..

Anywayz, after the 1pm radar class, I went home and took a short nap till about 4pm. It was kinda gloomy and dark outside. Reflecting the atmosphere inside...

*gloomy sky*

I know that there's a person, a close friend of mine, is longing for a breakthrough. A breakthrough that I am sure he can achieve with all our support! =D *cheer up bro* Just as I have my own dreamz and visionz, I will strive hard to achieve them. By God's grace we shall move on in life accordingly. Things may not happen the way we want it to be but for everything, there is a hidden reason that we may not understand. Only time can tell and give us the answer that we are searching for.

*unending love, amazing grace...*

*photos taken by brian a.k.a my sifu*

As I rest myself at the bed strumming the strings of my roomie's guitar, I began to think. What will the future be or rather what will my future be? One thing for sure is I wanna serve God till I breathe my final breath on Earth. COz... the only peace and comfort I can find is in Him. Without Him, I am no one. No purpose in life. No meaning. No hope. No joy.

But.... with him, all things are possible!