Thursday, March 20, 2008

My First Photoshooting Event!


Fresh Label Fashion Show 08' @ Zouk KL

*thx Ee Laine for inviting*

*media pass konon*

*freelancers: vic, me, brian (sifu)*

*catwalk stage (before event)*

*the crowd: mostly Nottingham-U students*

*Ee Laine in action*

*Celebrity model, Hannah Lo (my sifu crazy bout her)*

Tak sempat wanna update blog. Just some photos to show you guyz first. More to come...


Anonymous said...

i think hannah sudah kahwin wit jien?

DQ jie jie

Jiok said...

itu sarah hannah tan. channel v mia

andrew said...

oh... hahaha... sorry la.. itu i tak tau... tak update punya... if sifu nvr say i aso dunno who hannah lo was... =D

zewt said...

hannah lo? hannah tan i heard before la...

andrew said...

hahaha...~ everyone aso heard of hannah tan tho..~ u're not the first to say that.. now u heard o hannah lo lor... =p