Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dramatic Finish!!

.230408. Liverpool vs Chelsea (European Champions League Semi Finals 1st Leg)

Both teams played moderately well, but Liverpool was a little ahead especially coming into the 2nd half. Dirk Kuyt put Liverpool ahead just before half time after a scrappy defense from Chelsea.

Liverpool 1 Chelsea 0

It looked as if the lead was going to stay that way till end and Liverpool will have the advantage when they visit Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in 8 days. But just few seconds before the referee blow the final whistle, COULD YOU BELIEVE IT???


John Arne Riise scored a DRAMATIC, STUNNING, FANTASTIC OWN GOAL!! I'm pretty sure those who left their TV screen earlier will get a shock when they read the news tomorrow. Poor Liverpool! Very lucky Chelsea!!

Liverpool 1 Chelsea 1

And now, they have to complete a mission which they have NEVER SUCCEEDED BEFORE (under Rafael Benitez), which is to score in Stamford Bridge a week later for the return leg of the semi finals.

What do you have to say about it? Who's gonna win?? haha


voch said...

Do u really haf to blog bout teh amazing OG? omg. dam dramatic draw. faster go blog bout the lousy manu barca match too :P

andrew said...

hahaha... i wont blog bout it.. coz i never watch... how to blog? =D bt i still like riise goal! damn nice kan?