Wednesday, April 30, 2008

MDG Finale Part 2


Short-note: And so, "Fashion on 1" is actually a whole week event thingy till may 4th. Photographers!! Go shoot!! Chelsea vs Liverpool at 2.45am tomorrow morning.

And so, Mayz and I arrived at One-U about 6.15pm and we registered ourselves at the registeration booth as Nuffnang invitees. The crowd started to come in and the Oval LG platform was seperated into 2. One for the normal guest and the other, "not so normal" guest and also sponsors. Of course, I took along the Photographer tag which I pretty much did not do much without my sifu's tele lense.

Met a few "entertainment line" people there which I'm lazy to list out. Bloggers that was there: pinkpau, shaolintiger, kennysia (of course la, judge!), kinkybluefairy, mayzism (the one that won nuffnang mdg slogan contest of coz) and many more...

And so, there was this guy from "So you think you can dance", one of the finalist which I forgot his name came out to the stage and strut his stuffs to gear up the crowds. Then, came Elaine Daly (MC for the night), glittered the stage with her beautiful voice and dress and kicked start the event by inviting all the 12 finalist on stage.

Everyone started to applaud loudly, welcoming all the 12 finalist that had journeyed thus far. When the top 3, Hanis, Adeline and Cindy, came out, you can hear a distinctive chants and shouts from the crowds from LG all the way up to Level 3 balcony.

*arrival of guests and the gathering of crowds on the upper levels*

*beautiful, huge and lovely stage for FASHION ON 1 week*

*the guy i said from "so you think you can dance"*

*please vote for me!! thanks!*

*the gorgeous Elaine Daly, mc for the night*

*here are the 11 of the top 12 finalists coming back together for the finale*

*miss ringo (, (was asked by her bestie Ee Ching to upload her photo)*

*malaysian singer vs germany percussion*

*kennysia caught playing around with someone's undie*

The event went on with 3 rounds of Fashion Shows by the 12 finalist themselves featuring some of the best designers we have. And the winner will walk away with:
a Nissan Latio 1.8Ti (A),
RM10,000 preloaded AmBank NexG PrePaid MasterCard,
RM3,000 Wella Professionals hamper,
RM1,000 worth of Escada fragrances,
RM1,000 worth of Bebe apparel,
RM500 worth in Nose footwear,
featured in NewMan cover spread

That's all for now... More photos tomorrow. Looking forward again to tonight's match between Chelsea and Liverpool. Man Utd through already!! haha


Mayz said...

Eh friend! Supposed to have all the Top 12 finalists.. but only 11 showed up. One of the finalists, Jean, who's from IMU, didn't turn up. She pulled out, from the competition and show.

Leo Raj said...

apsal name saya x dimention?

andrew said...

[leo] hallo broda... relek la... still got part 3 comin ma.. aduh.. sabar la... bro... ur photos aso coming in.... [mayz] i only say top 12 ma.. didnt mention all 12 here aso.. wakakkak =D

Leo Raj said...

hahahah. tau lar. saje nak kacau. :p

just incase....


we are the same, you see.


Mayz said...

You typed this wor!!

"*here are the 12 finalist coming back together for the finale*"

Where got 12?? Hahaha.. K la, juz let it go! Wahaha.

andrew said...

aiksss.... kena caught!! hahaha should have put top 12!! hahaha my bad!! =D