Sunday, April 6, 2008

SIBKL 3G Inter-Cell Futsal Tournament


Today mark the end of my 6 weeks of Alpha Course! Yay!! Next will be Steps-to-Freedom..

Was kinda looking forward for today's 10 a-side futsal tournament in "Padang" @ One-Utama Roof Top though. Joined "Salt and Light" cell for today's tournament captained by Willie Chai, the cell leader!
Let the games begin!!

Tournament officially started around 2.45pm and our team, named "duracell" which simply means toughest cell, was in Group B, together with Jars of Clay, Narrowstreet 2, and CoUZ 2. Our first game was against CoUZ (College and University people) and in the dying seconds of the 5 minutes per half game, Kelvin made a spectacular long range shot which was good enough to beat the keeper and collected all 3 important points. 2nd game was against the Narrowstreet team 2 players and Yoki, in particular was a superb playmaker for their team. He was fast, active and aggresive. The game looked as if it was going to be a draw but we did what we do best which was to score in the dying seconds again!! This time Willie made a brilliant dribble to the corner side of the field pass it back to the middle for Shyan to complete a perfect shot at the top corner to guarantee us a place in the semi-finalz.

Our final game for the group stages was pretty tough against Jars of Clay which was the mother cell for Salt and Light before they got mulitplied. Both team had equal chances and defended really well. To make the game even tougher, rain came and thanks to the strong wind, rainwater began to splash our entire body due to the fact the we were at the rooftop and the side were open air-ed. Anywayz, the water logged pitch failed to dispatch the fun and excitement of the game. We went on to battle and even after the 10 minutes regular time and 4 minutes of extra time, there was no clear winner and so it had to be decided on penalties. 2 girls and 1 guy. Eileen from my team took the first shot and well saved by the keeper and the other team's girl missed. 2nd shot was taken by CK and she made a perfect top right corner shot to make it 1-0 and the other team's girl miss again. And so it was my turn to net the winner from the spot. It was kinda pressure though coz i know if I can score that means we will go through as top of the group. I calmed myself down and made a powerful drill into the bottom left goal!! Hooray!!! Thanks Willie for trusting me!!

Semifinalz came and we were up againts i forgot the name (blue team) In fact, one of the team players got injured during our 3rd game thanks to my clearance towards the net where the people wre sitting very closely and watch!! I was very very guilty and sorry for the clearance and it was a pure accident =( I think I apologize more than 10 times to that guy.. Even right now as i write this post i still feel very sorry for his blue black left eye!! SORRY~~ In this semi finalz Rodney scored from a sideline kick in ball which was almost from the half line!! Fantastic goal that brought us into the dream final!!! Best part was our opponent is Jars of Clay again who was the better side in the other semis against the Kelabit team, who eventually won the best female strikeforce team!

FINALLLL!!!!! I knew that it would be a really really tough game. Tougher than the group stages and true enough i got 2 injuries from it. Thank God nothing serious, just got kicked on the right foot and calves. By now, the rain has stopped and the water has already been cleared off! 10 minutes one half and we went on again to 4 minutes of extra and still no winner!! PENALTIESS AGAIN!!! But this time, 3 girls and 2 guyz... To keep it short, all the girlz missed but our girlz did well, 2 off the post... Eric from my team took the first shot and saved by the their excellent keeper and the other guy scored. We were trailing 1-0 and i took the final shot. If I score, we still have a chance if the other guy miss but if I miss, Jars of Clay will be the champions... It was pretty cold in the soaking wet clothes I'm wearing and my right foot was in minor pain after the 2 injuries that I had. My mind was a little to focused into scoring! A little too pressured as well... And so I stood before the ball and calmly i took the shot!! TIIAANNGGG!! Hit the left post very well indeed.. Game over but it was a really really great day and time of fellowship. So Rodney led us straight for a thanksgiving prayer together with Jars of Clay and thank God for minor injuries throughout the match and great fellowship and fun!! =D

Won myself, shoe bag which I intended to buy, a pack of Kit Kat and also a Shampoo by forgot what brand d... hahaha... As a whole, we really had a fantastic 5 hours of tournament and we headed for Nandos for dinner straight after that. Didnt even bother to shower coz was super hungry already!! hahahaa... *cheerz* looking forward to the next tournament!!

*photos to be uploaded when I get hold of them*


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