Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Birthday To My Grandma!!

.140608. Family Dinner Gathering + Birthday Celebration @ Hakka Restaurant, Jalan Kia Peng

Well, I didn't have time and mood to update my blog yesterday to due some reasons... Anyway, attended an 'All Malaysian Bloggers' gathering at The Curve (thanks UncleJosh for inviting) from 11.00am - 5.00pm (including a movie screening of Incredible Hulk).

Then at night, was at Hakka Restaurant with my family and cousins to celebrate my Grandma's big big 80th birthday!! =D Love her very very much for she's the one that took care of me since young, cooked delicious food for me all these years and finally taught me how to be a good boy! =p (as all grandparents would do)

*one of my family's favourite makan place*

*first dish, 4 types or was it 5?? haha*

*my 2nd sis punya favourite dish of all time*

*my grandma's fav dish as well!! you will never see the fish ahead 'alive' when my grandma is around*

*sauce is good, one of Hakka's speciality*

*prawn is always sedap kan?*

*who else is on my side?? so no to vege! =D*

*incomplete without this bday noodle*

*mini bini bun which taste really good inside*

*everyone's favourite kan?*

*hey!!! a birthday cake for my granny of course!!*

*one big happy family!!*

After dinner, we went home and suddenly UncleJosh calls me asking, "Wanna go Poppy??" I was like.... "Call you back later". It has been so long since I last went to club though and since today has been quite moodilicious for me, I have decided just to go down and meet some old friends and chit chat and watch Euro2008!! To my surprise!!! The whole place was damn packed but I had a great time meeting friends all over in Poppy Garden (located next to RumJungle along Jalan P. Ramlee).

And there goes my Saturday night thanks to UncleJoshie again who provoked me!! haha... *cheerz* people!! have a blessed week ahead!! =D


Seizhin said...

Wow, happy birthday to her and hope for her good health always!

Jessielicious said...

happy blessed birthday to ur grandma!!!nyway ur pictures made me hungry..haha i curi masa untuk visit ur blog in da midst of shifting le...i good or not? =P k la all da best to u...aku back to pack stuff...catch ya arnd...

joshuaongys said...

luckily i'm full now!! all the food pics.. O.O

andrew said...

[seizhin] owh.. haha.. thanks bro!! =D [jessie] haha.. thanks thanks.. have fun packing then.. [joshua] hehe... luckily i am too =D