Wednesday, June 25, 2008


.140608. All Malaysian Bloggers Project Gathering @ Cineleisure

Just before I go into the live blogging event, I remembered I attended this AMBP gathering @ Cineleisure 2 weeks ago and also the special screening of Incredible Hulk. Not much photos though but I thought today was the best time to write abit about that day.

It was a joint organised event by AMBP, Microsoft and also CinemaOnline. It was a time of sharing by a few bloggers and also some presentation by Microsoft and also CinemaOnline. After the gathering, there was a special screening for the participants of Incredible Hulk and the movie was simply cool!

But the most important part of the gathering that caught most people's attention was the personality test provided by Star-Jobs Online. It's basically a test to see which field of interest that suits your career most! And since I was looking for a job, I thought of trying it out.


*there were a total of 7 field of interest or abilities*

*this was how i fair!! I got the highest for SERVICING though!!*

Upon completing the test, I have to seperate the cards of interest and see which category I score the most cards. Without much surprise, I score 7 cards for "servicing" and 6 others for "influencing, adventuring and creating". The lady on duty that day told me that my interest was dealing with people. That's right I thought to myself. The only thing left for me to think about was which industry that really suits me? I could be a Sales Engineer, IT consulting, Business Management Trainee and what not. Finally, I thought event and people was what I really liked most!

One day, BengHan told me about an opening in his company and asked if I would like to send in my application and I thought, no harm trying! So I went for interview and today I got a call from the company and they offered me a job!! LOL... I'm hired...

Best part, company just 5 minutes away from home, good working environment, well established company, got kawan inside, good offer and my type of job. Thank God for his divine appointment and plan! Now, is up to me to really work extra hard and do my best!!

*this is da company i'm gonna work with soon!!*

Back to Euro2008. Looking forward to the 2 semi-finals. Germany and Turkey in few hours time. Spain and Russia in the other semi-final tie. May the better team wins!


Harry said...

hey andrew... good thing for u man..

i am glad that u are hired and with such a good environment..

all the best to u and ur new work and.. gambAtte!!


BeverLy's Secret said...

All the best and good luck to you!!!

As you said, Gambate together ya!!!

Jessielicious said... least u no need to wait for phone call like me..ur one within 24hours call u one wait til i'm dying now...nyway congratulations once hard (weekdays)and play hard (weekends) yea?

joshuaongys said...

owh so tat is the new workplace... hehehe u really have to thank God on tat =) seems like u're gonna enjoy ur work very much!! nyhow take care yea!!

Alice Teh said...

Congratulations on the new job, Andrew! :)

voch said...

congratulasi lur :)

eeynhoj said...

hei.. Gong Hei Gong Hei, waiting for you to belanja makan :D

Mayz said...


andrew said...

[harry] lol!! thanks buddy!! hehe.. [beverly] thanks ya!! sama sama jia you lo.. dun play too much Wii [jessie] haha.. thanks, all da best for you to in getting calls [joshuaong]hopefully i gonna enjoy man!! lol [alice] haha.. thanks ya!! [voch &johnyee] why must me belanja wan?? ish.. u guyz should treat me.. [mayz] haha!! kudos! badminton tuesday??