Thursday, June 12, 2008

I Love Da Beach!!

.010608. KK Trip Day 4 @ Mamutik Island

Alrights... Back to my KK Trip photos and we're off to the beach after 2 restless days trying to conquer Mount Kinabalu. Time for some more "relaxing" activities. haha

And so, thanks to Fabian, aiyoman's hometown friend who helped us settled all the neccessary arrangements for our snokerling trip! First we headed to Mamutik Island which is just 20 minutes away from KK jetty. Thank God, it was a bright and sunny day! =D (so sunny till we have sunburn!!)

*beautiful day for island hopping kan?*

*sien ler... waited the boatman for like 15 minutes =p*

*orites!! time to board the boat!! weeee*

*yeay!! we're heading to the beach!!*

*my pic says it all!! damn clear la the water*

*everybody say hi to mr shadow!! =D*

*minus 1 coz aiyoman taking photo for us!!*

*kena attack by baby jellyfish laterz during snokerl*

*sabah beaches!! simply the best!!*

*ok, now... someone dropped his oakley shades >=p *

We stayed there for about 2 hours before we head to the next beach. More pix coming up tomorrow!! I would love to come again to Sabah beaches in the near future!! Anyone wanna join me??? =D