Friday, July 18, 2008

Hennessy Artistry

.180708. Hennessy Artistry @ Bukit Kiara Indoor Arena, 19 July 2008

Short-Note: Will you be in Hennesy Artistry tomorrow?? Hope to see you there!! LOL

*hennessy artistry happening tomorrow!! see ya there!!*

Have you ever heard about Hennesy Artistry before? Bet you did!! Well, if you have not, it's ok coz I just got to know about it not long ago as well! Anyway, it's an ultimate music party with some really cool artist from all over! In tomorrow's case, Flo Rida, Machi, DJ Latin Prince, Pop Shuvit and VJ Callen will be smashing the party at Bukit Kiara Indoor Arena. Will you be there?? Have you RSVP already??

To those who is going tomorrow!! Let's have fun and party like a rockstar!! LOL... I bet it's gonna be a super happening night tomorrow at the arena. Once again, credit to Nuffnang and of course thanks Steph for inviting me to the party tomorrow!!


Alice Teh said...

Have fun ya, Andrew!

Won't be going for the party but would like to join you in the Putrajaya shoot, if that's OK with you... hehe...

andrew said...

[aliceteh] lol!! hahaha... ok ar!! =D can.. will let u know the details soon... hehee

Alice Teh said...

Mr Wong! Now cannot join you edi because home fellowship going to Pantai Remis for outing... just found out last night. But I want to join in future ones, boleh?

andrew said...

[alice] of coz boleh la!! hehehe... its ok! np with that =D