Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The beginning of a new chapter...

blog blog blog..... Why is everyone around me, or maybe most of the people around me (if not everyone) were blogging since long long time ago... I did not really figured it out until one fine day.........
What inspires me to start up my own blog?? It actually strucked my mind that maybe someday, in the future, I could actually on my laptop/desktop and start to read back what I have typed into this system called blog and then recall all the good old days of my life. Life is too short to be bored and to "live a life spent making mistakes is more honorable and useful than to live a life spent doing nothing"... There are just too many beautiful and meaningful moments in life that we often enjoy and that's about it. Wouldn't it be better if we could cherished it in our hearts and share it with our friends through blogs and talk about it for the rest of our life? hehe =)

As I began to work for my industrial training (internship), I begin to learn and experience a different perspective of life. I began to think. Deeply. I'm taking life a little too easy. I did not make full use of whatever time that is left. I did not value all that is around me. Im so silly... And today I gonna make a difference...

The cooling breeze of the air. The moving clouds in the sky. The beautiful plants that i pass by without staring at. The living things on land, air and sea. The people i get to meet everyday. My family that watched over me through the years. My Heavenly Father that knows me so well. All of them are so beautiful that i often failed to cherish.

"momentzofmylife" will be a place for me to express myself... a portfolio of my photoshots... a space where my friends and people i love can share the many moments of our lives together! *its gonna be only once in a lifetime blog*

"live life to the fullest, walk in faith with Jesus and complete the race"
-andrew wong cheng fai-