Tuesday, December 25, 2007


.blessed christmas everyone! .

selamat hari natal kepada kawan kawanz i.. =D hmmm~ special dayz always come after a great eve celebration... =p this year, had dinner at delicious bukit bintang (next to marc residence) with my sistas (ganli & yuanlih), caryn, amanda, scott yeemeng, steve and king.. not bad tho that place.... it was quite an exquisite dining spot for couples... hehe =D not expensive, nice surroundings, good food and not too bad a service.. after dinner then??

* beginner shots*

*self declared 1st masterpiece..*

POPPY !!! hehehe... where else to celebrate a festival or special occasion if its not poppy garden?? hahaha.... same old poppy family and sistas group... crowd was greatlast nite and just seconds before the clock struck twelve, everyone got their "yin fa" sticks ready to be lit.. had a great night tho but got home earlier coz gotta go church early later...

Christmas was great this year coz SIBKL put on a fantastic musical today! hehe.. picked lokey up in the morning and went to church together... =D my sis, celine was part of the choir team this time... after the awesome performance, many responded to the altar call... thank God! as for lokey and myself... we then went off to boon's place... and get ready for a one day malacca trip! =p 2 cars 6 person (boon + ziling, waiyip. mayz, lokey and myself)

haihh~ reached malacca around 3.30pm and headed straight to ujong pasir to their frenz open hse... wakakkaa.... starving like mad d..... whack the home cook portuguese food.... super sedap!! not bcoz i was hungry but it was delicious tho.. (^.^) later in the evening went to portuguese settlement to experience the lighting and celebration there.... to my amazement, it was so so so beautiful over there.... the people was just crazy over christmas with their exceptionally beautiful lighting decos all over the houses! fuhhh~ superb experience that made my christmas even more memorable... hang around by the beach and ate dinner by the sea side... hehe... all spicy dishes....

*really amazing lightings across the portuguese settlement.. this is only one of them*

after the dinner we continue to enjoy the brightly lit portuguese settlement and snap some photos for memory.. headed to jonker with enthusiasm for the ice kacang only to find out that it was closed!! hahaha.... weekdayz + public holz... who gonna open for us wor... so we drove off and headed home around 10pm.... by then... i was already half dead due to the lack of sleep and one day trip driving thru and fro.. zzzzzzzzzzz