Sunday, January 20, 2008

Congratz Gerald and Amy!


It was definitely a day for celebration as my football kaki Gerald tied the knot with Amy! Well, Hotel Maya was certainly at the top of its class and i think this is one of the very few wedding dinners i get to see a wide range of luxurious sports car! (Ferrari's, Porche's, BMW's, Merz's, Fairlady....) hehe... gonna get one of those in the near future tho.. =D

*mr philip . andrew . jeff*

As there was only 7 person on our "footie" table, we thought we will have a great night eating... only to find out that every dishes is getting bigger and bigger till we finally surrendered ourselves!! The best part was table next to us had 4 and 5 persons respectively... wakakaka....

*forgot to take earlier pix =p *

The only thing i enjoyed that night was i think the red + white wine!! *cheerz*

*one of my many emptied wine glasses*

*bride and groom's photo to be uploaded soon*


zewt said...

is this the gerald (dai jel lo) from our football?

andrew said...

yeaps!! the subaru guy from stedfast football!! hehe.. the best part, JOE was the BEST MAN... hahah.. what a small small world..

zewt said...

joe from poppy???? WTF!

andrew said...

yeap!! JOE frm POPPY .. hehehe... damn small world rite??? kenny aso surprised!! hehehe