Sunday, January 20, 2008

RM 18/kg crab @ desa aman puri


("tak fook" restz) i think....

a restaurant first intro'ed by broda yeemeng! just came back from that place with mom and dad. whacked 1 kg of sweet sour spicy style crab (shuen lat) and also 0.5 kg of "kam hiong" crab + "mongolian lai liu ha" (mantis prawn). Just to share share abit.. hehehe... a recommendable place for cheap, nice and EXTREMELY FAST dinner... Although the place were like freaking packed with customers and we even Q'ed for under waiting list but when we sat down, less than 10 minutes all the food mari d.. *applause*

*shuen latt crab*

*kam hiong crab*

*man tao for the shuen latt sauce*

*co-starring "fu-yue fry fan shu miu vege" and mongolian mantis prawn*