Monday, January 7, 2008

Congratz to YewTuck!!

.wedding @ Prince Hotel. .060108.

it was a night to be cherished for all who attended Alvern + Julia's wedding ceremony and dinner @ Prince Hotel...

family members, friends, colleagues, ex-school mates, for BB members and many more came together as one on tis fateful and blessed day to witness and celebrate the auspicious wedding for a lovely couple.... I've known Yew Tuck for quite a few years now... A mentor in BB and a senior in the football team, I truly respect him as a brother to me... A caring and kind person who lives his life for others around him =) A guy with great fashion sense as well as sense of humor... (perhaps this apply to all former MBS and BB members) hehehe... =p

Tonight was great with good food and nice environment and of coz the long lost good chat with some of the people that we havnt met for quite a long long time... not to forget the main itenary of the night.. "yum seng" or some ppl might call it "blesssssiiiing" .... some might said dun "bissing" or worst stilll "*%&$&*singg" hahaha =D

the after party was of coz none other than poppy again!! =p hehehe... the best place in town to chill, dance, and gather with our lovely frenz... PARRTTYYYYYY!!!


zewt said...

hahahaha... after poppy... jeremy, kenny and weng keat come thrash the room in the hotel!

andrew said...

hahaha... i really missed that part though! hehehe... glad that you guyz had a great night then.. =D