Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy Birthday to my mom! (^.^)


it was a normal working wednesday for me.. and perhaps to most of my unimates and other working people... but it was also a special day for my mom.. it was her birthday! decided to give her a surprise during lunch.. as planned with my 2 other sis, i was suppose buy flowers and cake and send it to my mom's office at menara HLA just before lunch hour, so i left office at 11am =p

drove my way to petaling street and got a nice bouquet of pink daisies + white lilies and also a choc cake from secret recipe... was a lil rush tho coz need to wait for 40 minutes for the flowers to get wrapped up (for table deco) reached mom's office at 12.40pm holding cake on my left and flowers on my right with everyone staring at me at the lobby... =p hehehe.... thank God i was not late... *tada* surprise for my mom!! she very happy indeed.. haha.. headed to pavillion for lunch and back to work....

*happy birthday mom*

after a great lunch at a chinese cuisine with my mom and her colleagues, i went back to office to pack my laptop and other documents and headed to shah alam to meet my client. after that..... relax!!!!! later in the evening, went to mid valley for a national treasure with lokey.. before that, had dinner with bin and lydia at c-jade restaurant at the lower ground..

overall, great day and good movie... time for bed again.......