Saturday, January 26, 2008

Scorching noon @ kebun bunga Sg Buloh



ARgGggghhHhhhHHhh! Freaking hot day!! Perhaps it is the time of the year where we suppose to get fried under the fiery sun.. Especially when chinese new year is just around the corner! Oh well, went to kebun bunga(s) with my mom to look for chinese new year plants! Nothing much to talk about. Just some photos for you all to see... heheh

*random snapshot on the sun* HOTT WEI~

*let the walk begin*

*first stop kat "sakura"* =D

*first shot on this purplish dunno call wat flower*

*used to have such plant back in my old hse*

*famous "kat zai" plant for chinese new year* (buy i carrefour,cheaper!)

*nicely decor'ed dunno call wat again green plant*


*is this the flower ppl take go "pai san" wan ar?*


Just as I thought no one would actually come to this area on such a HOT HOT DAY!! I was wrong! In fact, the single laned 2-way street was packed with cars, lorries, bikes and what not! As if there's mega sale or something.....

*still HOT!!*


*this is why we have so many accidents and JAMS*

*chinese new year sale is on!! hurry up*


zewt said...

you're trying to do some photography there eh?...

one tip i got from my pre-wed photographer is the manipulation of sunlight... no idea wat that is i think it would be a great start for u.

andrew said...

hahaha... not really trying some serious photography there la... saja take photo with my phone oni... coz didnt bring any digicam there.. hahaha...