Saturday, January 26, 2008

"Kam Heong" Style Duck Rice @ PJ State


After a scorching noon at kebun and one half hour of futsal at kuchai, followed my parents to PJ State area for a delicious meal. I heard of this famous duck rice before but never been there. So today was my first time! No doubt it was way beyond my expectation!! Too good to be true!! hahaha =D Recommendable place for different style of duck rice! Besides that, they have other few side dishes as well.. PHOTOS NOT SO CLEAR! SORRY....

*this place is also famous for prawn mee during the day*

*special kam heong style duck*

*pork intestine* (non halal)

*dunno wat style ham choi*

*kam heong style "lou dan"*

* one more thing, please go early! the crowd is MASSIVE!! recommended time should be around 6++ pm *


zewt said...

kam heong like that wan meh?... i tot kam heong style is the dry type....hehe.

andrew said...

hahaha.... datz why.. i was also surprised to see that... anyway, maye jut the name is kam heong la... haha