Sunday, January 20, 2008

Yin Ling farewell @ Neway Cheras


Haven't been singing for quite some time already but it was a great afternoon of endless shouts, chats, singings, eating and drinking... the highlight of the day should be playing "batu, gunting, kain" with the punishment of finishing up leftover buffet foods!! (morale behind story: dun take too much foods in any buffet meals) It was then followed by "cai mui" a typical drinking game between kah hoe and shin lu! but this time... drink lemon and honey dew juice.. *yikezz.* (bottoms up!!)

*yl being feed before leaving for auzzie*

*the girlz except for the "background fela" on the far left*

*highlight of the day! chai mui with melon juice*

*group photo for memory*

anywayz, scott.zhenbin.mayz.fiona.karen.shinlu.corinna.kennethwong.kahhoe.myself would like to wish YOU (you know who you are) a safe trip to Brisbane and all the best in your work! take care and God bless!! xoxo from all of us (^.^)

*finally "lui chue kok" and i*