Sunday, February 24, 2008

17 Hours of ZZzzZzzzZzzz.....

It has been a long long while since I last slept for so damn long...~ came home from rafting last night around 4pm and throw myself onto the bed without thinking twice. So i was super duper tired and my mind has nothing else but to zzzzzz.... coz the previous night before rafting i did not sleep at all.... =D hahahaha.... sendiri asking for trouble..

When I woke up from my sleep it was already 4am.... My whole body was so lethargic and aching that I had no choice but to continue lying down and sleep.. Can't do anything much, and the next time I got up was 9am! Basically i slept for approximately 17 hours. Since church was just an hour away, i woke up and wash up and prepare myself.

Sis was on da stage doing worship leading tho! Her first experience.. Good job and praise the Lord! =D