Sunday, February 24, 2008

Water Rafting Part #2

-Continuation from previous post-

..... Stage 1 was over! Was kinda relieved a lil after the super syok but a lil scary + lil pain fall into the water. After that we were all kinda ready and know what to do if we were to overturn again! =D hehe... Next my raft went through another normal rapid but somehow, thanks to VICTOR who's gonna belanja makan on Monday, we overturn again but this time all of us were alert enough to react when we fell into the river. hehe... *like what my instructor said, our raft will experience the most overturn* hahaha... which he enjoys alot!

2nd stage 4 came and once again the rescuers get into their positions to prepare rescuing rafters. This time, all the rafts went through safely and we were through to the final challenge of level 5 rapid up ahead. Somehow we felt a lil disappointed for not falling coz we were kinda like prepared for it!! hahaha...~ somemore pay so much and never fall... sien-nyer...~

Level 5 came, and it was our FINAL THOUGHEST CHALLENGE!! In fact my intructor told my group that it was a 90% guaranteed overturn challenge. I was seriously a lil worried but aso ready to face it! I was looking forward to the overturning part and try to figure out what I gonna do to get rescued as soon as possible. We were the last raft to go and once again my guide told us that Jon's raft overturned and waiting for our turn.

PADDLE OFF WE GO!! We paddled forward hard and then "sit in pull rope" as instructed!! Our guides front and back did well and we crashed down hard on the first rapid fall and Chee Wai lost his balance and slipped off from the raft into the river. I couldn't do much but just pull back hard on the rope of the left side of the raft... Just before the 2nd rapid fall of the route. Within that split second super short moment we manage to spot Chee Wai and the front rescuer managed to pull him back up on the raft. Just at the edge of the 2nd fall we quickly "sit in pull rope" again and... SPLASHHHED!!! We made it through that stage safely!! All of us cheered out loud for the super chun ride although we had a split second victim... hehehehe.... But the best part was me managed to pull through the thoughest stage...

My thought was since we paid RM170, CheeWai purposely fall off at the final stage to make his RM worthwhile!! hahahahaha...~ But he kept denying it..~ Anywayz after that final stage we then cruised slowly on the raft towards the end point which was about 25 minutes away. We went through a few normal rapids which we had no problems facing them... At the calmer water current, we throw ourselves into the river and allow the current to wash us along the route. We had alot of fun though as the current pushed us as we float ourselves on the water.

We truly had an adventurous, enjoyable, and fun time in KKB. However, a question popped up. "Are we ever going to raft again in the future?" Well, that question can only be answered when the time comes. And it really depends on individual!! Well done to Chia Ling who overcame her fobia of water and also her challenge of not knowing how to swim. Thanks to the rest who took care of her as well. I really had a hard time persuading her to go tho...

*3,2,1, chik-chak*

*yeahooo!! well done guyzz*

*the girlz*

*supposingly we're showing you our hairstyle* FAILED