Friday, February 8, 2008

Blessed Birthday to [endless]devastation

.080208. a.k.a Clumsy Lee Lun Zhun (zhenbin)

Just wanna wish my buddy a very blessed birthday!! Another year older d, please grow in maturity =D hehehe... Hope you like the prezzie from us!

*endless devastation*

*RTL: deception, deceit, devastation, desire, dread*

It was chor yee and my relatives from my mom side came to our house for a family gathering dinner! 2nd lou sang and more to come (^.^) yeay!!

*yee sang courtesy from my sis, Joanne*

*family and relatives get together for a reunion dinner*

*mom and grandma prepared those yummy food*

*post to be updated soon* bz bz bz...