Saturday, February 9, 2008

"Lin Chor Sam"


so fast lin chor sam, 3rd day of new year, then sunday and monday back to uni oredi! Well, chinese new year is gettin more and more so "un-meriah" d...

Anywayz, today went to my great-grandaunt's house @ bangsar... Every year without fail, through the years, since was little we have always look forward to go her house. My sisters and I used to called it "dai nguk" / big house during those days when her house was still at the currently TIMES SQUARE LAND. The paling nice part about her house now is the collection of antiques they had been keeping since the Japanese Occupation Days!! o.0 cool rite~

*gong hei gong hei*

**chun antique**

*sis and dad*

Lion Dance @ Uncle's house

Lion dance has always been my favourite during the chinese new year period. But.... don't really have those feelings anymore. Perhaps, I'm already 22 going 23 d... hehehe..~ charmz ler... Still remember those days when i was still little, I used to go hunt for lion dances @ taman desa (1985-2007) 22 years of staying there.

This year, there was a surprise invitation of lion dance from my uncle. I was of course excited when i heard about it and look forward to it, but as I brought out my dslr and start shooting, I felt that nothing really interesting bout it. Hehehe... Maybe I shud just go watch National Competitions. hahah...

*sum siong xi xing, lin lin yau yue*