Wednesday, February 6, 2008

CNY Reunion Dinner @ Home


It is the time of the year when family members from afar or abroad comes home together, to be reunited again after sometime for reunion dinner which symbolizes the beginning of a brand new year in the Lunar Calendar! Perhaps this could be one of the most important date or day that we must block to ensure we will not miss such a meaningful occasion and gathering. A night that will surely bonds family members.


*cousin broz and my family*

Today I had a great reunion dinner with my cousins and also my family. We had a great night with a scrumptious dinner that fills my stomach in addition to the laughter we had at the table. Grandma and mom prepared the dinner as my sis and I did a lil house deco to bring up the CNY atmosphere. Sis Joanne bought alot of beautiful decos from S'pore! hehe =D

*yummy, yue sang for dinner*

*favourite crab roll "hai zhou"*

*salmon for the yue sang*

*yeay!!! lou sang luuu~ Happy CNY*

We continue discussing about CNY plan for the next 14 days and before we could finish the session we decided to go catch a movie later on at 1u. So my sisters and I zoom up, get changed and vrooommm off to 1u to catch a 10pm show! hehe =D