Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Coca Cola Collectionz #1


It was just last year that I actually started collecting coca cola cans, bottles, etc etc... Up till today I have only managed to collect cokes from 13 countries which means I still have a long long way to go...
*collection up to end of last year*

What makes me start this collection is actually I find that each coke cans or bottles are unique individually in different countries. However there are also some that might not have that much of a difference except for it's size and wordings.

*my collection till now*

To me, Coca Cola is one of the cheapest and affordable form of souvenir that is available in most of the countries in the world. I have collections from neighbouring Thailand and Singapore and also Hong Kong and Taiwan, Japan and Korea as well as middle east country Oman and even all the way to the Europe, France and Germany.
*cokes from France and HK courtesy from my aunt*

This morning I woke up quite early in the morning and quickly focused myself into building the mini Coke cardboard boat! hehe... Many thanks to Kwei Yee a.k.a dai lou in my group for buying me those cute mini cardboard ships from Taiwan during his industrial training the for the past 3 months.

*random shot with my n.d40* =D

To all my kawanz kawanz that is still in oversea or going oversea... ngek ngek ngek... =D U know what to do la k??? haha.. till then.... Happy Chinese New Year again and happy holidayz!! Safe trip and God bless =D