Friday, February 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Broda Jon!!


Chinese New Year just ended yesterday and it was a brand new start for my used to be roomie Jon! Turning 23 isn't something much to be proud of though cause that means we're a year older in our 20's oredi. Sobsss.. Anyway, this year we thought of something different to get for him. Since it's golfing season for our group, we actually bought Jon golf club!! Thanks to Jyh Yian who wrapped it with pink ribbon over it though her wrist just recovered a little. Hehehe.. Besides that, we can also save some money when we go driving range. Hahahaha.. The gift is actually directly benefits all of us as well. ngek ngek >=P

Anyway, just wanna wish you a blessed Birthday and hope you like our small gift. Wishing you a great day and plenty of colourful year ahead! Take care and God bless!! =D
*blessed birthday gift from all of us*
*jon and his pink club*

*time to show us some skill*