Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Must Once In a Lifetime Experience!!

.230208. Water Rafting @ Kuala Kubu Bharu (KKB)

D-Day has finally arrived! After weeks of talking about, planning and stuffs, its finally time for a water rafting trip to KKB.

Who was there: Daniel, JyhYian, Brian, Jon, SherYee, Grace, Johnyee, Melvyn, WaiLin, Victor, ChiaLing, CheeWai and myself.

All of us gathered at 5.45am and the "late comer", as I dont mention names, (VIC) is suppose to belanja lunch on Monday! 13 of us left at about 6.15 from Cyberia and headed for Restoran Jejantas Sg Buloh for a "light breakfast". We then continued our journey to KKB using the Tg Malim exit (which is slighty further I know) coz was unsure about the Lembah Bringin and Bkt Beruntung way. We finally reached KKB town at about 8.20am.

*just arrived at the starting point*

All of us was very excited and we saw there were also other groups that was there, just like us, preparing for a whole new adventure and experience. We met up with Margy, the person in charge and followed her instructions as she directs us up to the starting point. The drivers (me, Dan, Vic) then have to drive all the way the end point and then followed Carine's truck back to the starting point and meet up with the rest.

We then put on our life jackets and helmets and each of us were given a paddle. The funny part was the guys put on a strap under from the back and hooked it onto the front hook which the guyz not supposed to. Only the girls were required to do so coz its too "dangerous" for the guyz. =D Margy gave us a quick but many instructions briefing before we could start. We split ourselves into one group of 5s (big raft) and two group of 4s (small raft).

*our equipment and gears*

Big raft: Chia Ling, Sher Yee, Grace, Brian, Melvyn
Small raft: Daniel, Johnyee, Wai Lin, Jyh Yian
Small raft: Victor, Chee Wai, Jon, myself (with a funny instructor that loves to overturn the raft)

Just as I thought I would be in deep trouble following that instructor, it was actually quite fun when we practised the overturning of the raft at the starting point and learning how to rescue our partners. We had a fun start though before facing the rapids and other challenges. JyhYian and Jon exchanged rafts for rescuing purpose

*let's do it!!* or *just do it*

Fun was over and the real journey begins!!

My partners now are CheeWai, Victor and JyhYian (exchanged with Jon) and here we go!! The first stage of the rapid was level 4. We had to go through that stage raft by raft and the rescuers get into their places preparing to rescue rafters. As all of us did not know what's going to happen or we weren't ready for any turnovers or wat not, we headed through that stage with full of excitement. Just as I thought it would be fun, my instructor came back telling me that the previous raft overturned and it's our turn now. As we were going through the level 4 rapids we paddled with power and followed the instructions carefully.

But...... *crashed* there my boat goes overturning in the middle of the rapid and we were fallen off our raft beneath the fast running currents and the next thing I know was I was being flushed down the river beneath the raft trying to find a room to breath and searching for the light. That short moment of "drowning" was really really an experience that I would never forget. Hitting the rocks and struggling to breathe, I finally found my way up to the air and THANK GOD!! The trick to get yourself floating is actually not to be panicked and relax yourself. hehhehe *tips from Jon when I was up* I quickly grabbed onto the ropes thrown by the rescuers and find grab on to the rocks climbing up to wait for everyone to be "saved"

All of us were talking about the first rapid, the overturn experience, feeling of being down the water and what not... We moved on and be more prepared for our next challenge!! Victor got the worst bruise, scratched his hands from the rocks during that overturn moment. I got a minor bang on the rocks and hurt my legs a little.

*to be continued*


voch said...

Eh eh..since when got that deal wan? Who late belanja... i didnt get no text msg aso. rofl

andrew said...

don care!! it was an on the spot decision!! tooo badd!! ><