Saturday, March 15, 2008

PAINT-ball vs PAIN-ball


Paintball (without the T) @ TTSportsPark (Subang Jaya)

It was the first day of our midterm break for 3rd Semester and so the adventure continues... This time it was paintball or some would like to refer it as painball. *ouch* TTSportsPark is supposingly one of the largest paintball arena in Malaysia and the rate is arguably cheap. (But I found one cheaper that night)

All of us gathered around 10am yesterday but eventually it started at around 11am thanks to one sesat driver. And i don't really mention names though. (the one squatting down from the black team with purple longs =p) Anyway, its was fine as there isn't any other group that booked the field at 12noon so we could have a longer game time.

Safety is the most important aspect in paintball game. Therefore, we had to go through a quick briefing before putting on our mask and vest. And so.... Let the WAR BEGIN!!!

We started off with "Capture The Flag" and then followed by "Last Man Standing + Shootdown The Captain" on the big field. We then continued with another 2 more rounds of "Capture The Flag" in the smaller arena. A total of 5 rounds. And of course, we had a winner!!! And the winner was..........

*13 of us was first-timer; so briefing was very important*



*everyone listen.. this is how we gonna do it k??*

*blue-team in action; and of coz I was already shot "dead"*

*shooting spree at the range with our unfinish pallets*

*this is why we call it PAIN-ball*

*everyone had a great 3 hours of paint war!*

Both teams or everyone was a winner that day coz both teams drew 2-2 while one of the rounds did not have a clear winner.

Sorry YueYun for the real bad "blue black" haha..~ I think Castine was the only survivor from paintball injury. Never got shot though and of course I had blue black as well at the back. 2 clear bruises and also one head shot~ GG


voch said...

Hahaha you wear yellow banana color shirt u expect not to kena aim. Soooink!

andrew said...

hahha... dat was a "Digi Fuiyoh" baju... I kena shoot coz I was one of those who RUSH FORWARD k???? dun camping one..~ u think leh? i go to the exposed middle to get the flag u think will kena shoot anot?? besides me, tyng huei was the other one that kena shot alot aso.. haah =p but luckily mine only 2 major bruises

voch said...

Rush fwd sial. hehe, decoy issit. okay next time i must team u, enemy shoot you and i shoot them back for you. :P

andrew said...

whoa... sure bo... actually our group suppose to go wan.. see got time anot lo after break...~