Friday, March 14, 2008

Thanks Hitz.FM !!


It was a really tiring and sleepy day for me coz' didn't have much sleep this morning. Slept around 4am and woke up at 8am to go matta fair @ PWTC. Wasted my whole morning there.

Day got worse when I caught a cold. Flu and sneezy made me feel so so tired and sleepy. Couldn't take it anymore and took a nap on the couch @ Farnell Newark when I followed Jon and Daniel there to get some electronics component.

Then..... Came a 180 degree change of mood. As I was on my way home from Cyberjaya, I heard that Cruizer Crew was going to have a "double trouble" road stop @ Mont Kiara Equasterian Park Entrance and also National Science Centre Entrance. I was driving along Kerinchi link that time... So without any hesitation at all, i drove my way to the National Science Centre, thinking that there would be less people there. hehehe (><)

* spotted @ National Science Centre entrance*

*ok guyz and gurlz... let the questions and game begin*

*who wants a CD or movie pass (main prize)*

*thanks Gerard a.k.a chunkymunky for the prizeS*

*thanks for the prizeSS*

And so the questions and games begun. Hooray!! I turned out to be the big winner in that 30 minutes of freebies and prize giveaways. Praise the Lord! =D

When I won the final game, I was given priority to choose either the CD or Movie Pass. My thought was CD would be a better choice though although I don't really listen to Janet's songs. Thought I could just keep it as rememberance. Anywayz, great experience and had fun!! =D *cheerzz*


Ashtyn said...

Good for people to know.