Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What Life Really Means To You??


Is life really about being born, study hard, work harder, play hardest, get a name for yourself and then die off just like that? Or is life to you is about making money and enjoy the best things in world?

Everyone has their own walks of life. Some fortunate ones will be categorized as "enjoy life". Hardworking ones will have "good life". Lazy ones will go through "hard life" Less fortunate ones will have "miserable life".

What is the ultimate goal and the purpose of us living in this place called "Earth"? Does driving luxury cars, living in a huge mansion, wear the most expensive clothes and enjoy night life brings the true meaning of happiness in life to you? Does achieving the top position in the corporate world or at least in your company gives u the utmost satisfaction in life? Will fame and glory, wealth and richness guarantees you peace?

Is there anything that we are really missing out in life apart from all those earthly obsessions? Have we not forgotten that there's a place called heaven where we can have a life that is eternal?

There's only one source of love, peace and true meaning of life; and the source is God. In Jesus I find my way when I'm lost. He gives me hope when I am hopeless. He brings peace in my days of sorrow. He lights when I'm in the dark. He picks me up when I fall. In Him I found the purpose of life. To bring good news to the people.

When we follow Him faithfully everything else will fall into places. He is always by our side allowing challenges to mould us, events to teach us and provide good friends to accompany us. To live our lives according to his plans and will; then we won't be lost.

So what life really means to you?


Anonymous said...

amen halleluyah! i love u titi !!!!!!!!!!!!! i will see u in heaven :) amen!

DQ sis

andrew said...

hahaha... *cheerZ*