Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Which Category Are You In?


Are you of those do the right things for the wrong reasons?

Or do the wrong things for the right reasons?

Could you be one of those who do things for no reasons?

Or do you have all the reasons to do anything?

Are you simply the one who do not do anything for your own reasons?

Or you do not have any reason to do anything?

Perhaps you have reason to do nothing?

Maybe do nothing for plain no reason?

So.... where do you really stand in?? most of the time?


Anonymous said...


DQ jie jie

andrew said...

i still dun get your meaning of CHIM... hahaha =D

sherzzzz said...

I'd love to believe that the things that I do are for the right reasons, whether it is about doing something or nothing at all.

In the end you will be the judge to your own decisions and if you can confidently tell yourself that this is the right thing to do for all the right reasons you can ever think of(after a deep deep consideration of course), then nobody will dare to categorize you at all.

Because they are not Andrew, you are not them. You know what's best for yourself :)

Good post! Got me thinking for a while.. See yah in class! :p

andrew said...

haha... thanks for your comment tho.. I just thought of this topic while bathing...~ and kinda struck me hard tho... and reality wise... kinda practical to our daily life... =D *cheerZ* cool comment...~ love it...