Wednesday, March 5, 2008

YM! Conference Is More Than Just A Conference


Participants: alias_sher, kjb2214, eeynhoj, grace_cmt, leongyuan, bloatyljs, andrewcfwong85, swtancancer, jyhyian, alanhws85

The Innocent Ones: mthk1985, cooliovic19, wongkweiyee
When everyone is so tensed up with their FYP, assignments, lab reports or any other personal problems, getting together in a Yahoo Messenger Conference is definitely one way to release them all out. At least by changing status in YM, we can also laugh till stomachache... =D

When you have people like Jon and Johnyee in a certain chat, it will definitely be a funny one or rather "interesting". =p Of course our blur'est victim for tonight was Victor who can only type "kena f***** in the backside when he was asleep".

Well, it was indeed a very cool conference session that could at least i think gave all of us a short break from whatever we are doing. A real good and cheerful one. Hahaha..


Jiok said...

ahahahahahah we shud do this more often man

voch said...

Oit.. wait you guys. I'll be back! hahaha. effin palat kena punked.

andrew said...

hahahha.... too bad.... u missed it.. it was really really cool and funny!! =D

Anonymous said...

wat did u guys talk about about me??


andrew said...

hahaa... something very farnie about you la!! u really missed it!! hahahaha =D