Friday, March 7, 2008

Explore the Abandoned...


Election is less than 24 hours away!! Kind of looking forward to it though. As I've said before, this will be my first voting experience and I would definitely want to go earlier to the polling station (in my case would be SMK Menjalara) to check out the atmosphere there.

Back to my topic, my roomie Brian is actually looking for a location where we can have a photoshooting session for our photo album making. Date has not yet been set though but the place will be confirmed very soon. One of our targeted location is actually the abandoned building just beside MMU campus (across the street from the guyz hostel).

This morning, Victor, Brian and myself actually drove to that place to check out the environment. Well, ever since we transferred to Cyberjaya 4 years ago, the building has already been abandoned so God knows how long it has been abandoned!

There isn't any proper walkway to that building and so we had to park our car by the side of the road and walk through the deserted land. The fenced gate was open and there was obviously no "no trespassing" sign and so we walked in. The place is something like the building in CJ7 movie the place where Chow Sing Chi stays. Kinda cool for phototaking though (at least that was in Brian's thought)

We actually saw a bunch of stray dogs but we ignored them and explored the building inside out. Snap a few photo and went off. Just as we were walking back to our car, those dogs were actually chasing each other and somehow ran towards our direction. Of course without any hesitation at all, I gave warning signal and we all ran back into the car!! *pheww* kinda close though.. =D


Anonymous said...

seramnya tempat ny~!
if got extra ppl appear in the photos later then how?


andrew said...

hahahaha.... won't kwa.... =D if got then it would be a good experience!! =D

voch said...

Extra dogs got la.. haha