Thursday, April 17, 2008

Back to Ferrari Collection...


Just when I thought my Ferrari Collection completed back then (click here to view) I got to know about this yellow Enzo Ferrari with the 2 speed acceleration in Shell Stations. So I went to check about it on shell's website.

Rupa-rupanyer I haven't completed my collection. I actually read about an article in The Star papers quoting this dunno 7 or 9 year old kid actually has 2 sets each of last years and this years' collection model. A total of 28 model cars and he said "I want to collect more..."

I was wondering why he got that yellow model which I don't recall I seen it anywhere at the Shell stations. The special edition model car is actually given for free when you purchased a Shell Helix Oil and YOU HAVE TO BUY ANOTHER MODEL CAR before you get the yellow Enzo for free... Sweat kan??

Anyway, finally got the special edition yellow Enzo Ferrari model into my collection and exchanged the Collector's Garage with 6000 bonuslink points to make my collection complete.

*collector's garage 2008*


gg said...

heellllooo, is the yellow one still available???

andrew said...

yes dearie sis... the yellow one is still available... but in certain shell stores ni... must ask lo