Friday, April 18, 2008

Young Adult Night in SIBKL


YA Nite is a bi-monthly gathering of all the YA Cells' members in church. Yesterday was my first experience though in YA Nite and the fellowship was good and the topic for the night was even better "The Politics of Jesus."

*question marks???*

Main focus is not politics yah.. but on Jesus. Haha.. Ps Lee Choo did the Word and Ps Chew has to deal with all the questions. It was indeed a great night of sharing opinions and thoughts about what is really happening in our world today. To be more specific, in our country, Malaysia.

It was a great discussion though as we have people from different professions giving different opinions and thoughts from different perspective of life with different meanings and understandings. I really admire the 2 lawyers we had that gave some really brain-cracking comments.

People like me who just started to care much about our country, nation and politics did learn alot yesterday. Ps Lee Choo pointed 3 questions to us:

1) Why should we be interested in our land/nation?
2) What has Jesus got to do with politics?
3) What should be our response?

I'll just leave these questions for you all to think about. If you want a better understanding, can join me in the next YA Nite in July. Anyone and everyone are welcome! =D