Wednesday, April 2, 2008

How Good Is Your Geography?


Did you concentrate in class when your geography teacher taught you about the different continents of the world and its locations back in your high school? Honestly speaking, I just realise that my knowledge about the locations of various countries in the world is so poor until I played the Traveller IQ Challenge in facebook. It's really funny to find out the exact position of the place in the world map is so freaking far from where you clicked at. Perhaps, is just me that is so noob.

*time to expand your knowledge*

Nice game though, add me in facebook lo if you wanna test your geographical knowledge of the world. hehee..~ till then.. chiaoz...


Louise said...

Hey Andrew! Glad you like our game. You can chat about strategy and compare scores with other Traveler IQ addicts in our travel forums

Louise Brown
TravelPod Community Manager

andrew said...

owh... hell louise... but im just playing for the fun of it... =D not that im really into the strategies and scores.. hahaa thx for dropping by

voch said...

Now andrew, tell me son. what is the capital of australia? hahahahahhhaha..

andrew said...

haaha... simple... canberra!! =D