Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy April Foolin' Around Day!!


Do you still remember when you last fool a person? Or maybe when was the last time you said same lame joke/lie that actually made people believe in you, only to find out that you were making fun out of them? hehehe... Well, I supposed all this April Fool thingy is too lame for people like my age d lor..

I still remember those dayz when we were little, back in primary school, it's really fun to fool our friends with some of the lamest "lie" you can ever think of. Perhaps some of the common trick sentences are like "you forgot to zip your pants", "there's some dirt on your shirt", or even "there's a cochroach below!" hahaha... so lame when we actually come to think about it. But, that's the essence of our childhood life. It brings meaning and good old memories when we grow older. =D

In fact, there's still people who trick me though today with better "lies"!! haha.. How adorable! Once again, Happy April Foolin around to all! ><