Thursday, April 10, 2008

Liverpool, Chelsea, Man Utd or Barcelona?


Today mark the "final" midterm of my life (Radar System Design and Analysis) !! Hehehe... Hooray!! No more midterms deee... ><


Latest update was Man Utd swept away Roma with a 1-0 home victory to march into the European Champions League Semi Finals. Man Utd set a date with Barcelona in the closing stages of the UCL while Liverpool will host Chelsea first on April 23rd. It is the 2nd consecutive season that 3 English Clubs made it into the Semis.

Earlier, Tevez sealed the tie with a brilliant header after finding a perfect cross from Owen Hargreaves to make the aggregate 3-0. With 15 minutes left, it is quite clear that Roma couldn't come back looking at the way they play today. Man Utd definitely had more clear chances but Roma keeper was just too good today to deny few shots. De Rossi could have made it 1-0 from the spot, but found his penalty taken horribly off target at the top. Barcelona got away with a 1-0 win at home thanks to an easy finish from Toure (aggregate 2-0).

*looking forward to 2 things today: 1) Rocket Launching with Dan at 7.30 am and 2) Worship Training in SIBKL at 8pm*


Jiok said...

you're still asleep. 730 roket flying FAILED.

andrew said...

alah... daniel la... never wake me up... terok fella... somemore was still awake at 6.30am lehh... sedih~